Is Lane Splitting Legal In Tennessee?

Don’t you feel frustrated when you get stuck in the middle of heavy traffic and are in a hurry? The moment you hear cars honking when you try to weave in, you are in a fix. You may see only the wide road indicating a mishap that may happen next. You feel lane splitting is the only savior at this time. 

Even though lane-splitting can prove beneficial as it reduces lane congestion, knowing the law is necessary to escape punishment. Let us see is lane splitting legal in Tennessee or not.

Is lane splitting legal in Tennessee? 


Lane splitting is a punishable offense according to Tennessee law. It may be allowed according to the law if you are a cop on duty responding to a call from 911 or a legal officer on duty. 

Section 55-8-182 of the Tennessee Code states that a motorbike rider should not overtake any vehicle and pass by in the same lane vehicles are moving. Never ride a two-wheeler in a lane with heavy traffic and suddenly weave into the adjacent lane. 

Cars, trucks, and motorbikes can use the lane completely. However, cutting the lane to enter into the adjacent lane is considered illegal, and it doesn’t amount to full use of the roadway.


If you are involved in lane splitting and injured in an accident, can you claim injury-related losses? 

It depends on the situation. Usually, you are responsible for the accident and not entitled to claim for injuries. It depends on whether you changed lanes in order to avoid a reckless driver or a fatal accident and whether you weaved into an adjacent lane to avoid a reckless driver.

Is lane splitting beneficial or harmful?

Those who support lane splitting say that it avoids congestion with stop-and-go pattern traffic.  People who strongly oppose white lining say it increases the risk of vehicle collision if motorists are careless and don’t observe vehicles coming from behind.

What is a lane-splitting crash?

When motorcyclists try to split the lane there can be chances of an accident. Bikers can clip a side mirror which can result in a loss of control. The biker can hit other cars, creating a crash involving multiple vehicles.

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The points cover the answer to the question “Is lane splitting legal in Tennessee.” Lane splitting is considered illegal in Tennessee despite considering the advantages that it helps us avoid congestion on busy roads. 

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