United Kingdom

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Which legal term describes a situation where a defendant admits to the truth of the allegations against them in a criminal case?

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In the UK legal system, what is the maximum number of justices that can sit on the Supreme Court for any given case?

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Which type of law deals with disputes between individuals or organizations, including contract law and tort law?

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What is the name for the legal document that initiates a civil lawsuit in the UK?

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What is the legal term for a document that requires a person to provide evidence or attend court?

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Which legal principle states that a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice?

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In UK contract law, what term refers to a situation where one party fails to fulfill their obligations under the contract?

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In the UK legal system, which court is the highest appellate court?

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What term refers to a legal principle that previous court decisions should be followed in cases with similar circumstances?

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What term describes a legal document that transfers ownership of real property from one person to another?

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