How Much Money Stolen is a Felony?

Different states in the US have different rules regarding how much money stolen is a felony. The felony theft threshold in California is more than $950. If any person steals more than $950, it is enough for the prosecutor to charge a person with a felony.

How Much Money Stolen is a Felony?


Texas treats a theft case as a felony if a person commits a pilfery of $2500 or more. Washington and Florida’s law considers theft a felony when an offender steals property worth $750, whereas Arizona law considers theft worth $1,000 a felony. The answer to the question of how much money stolen is considered a felony differs from state to state in the US.

The judge can consider the case of theft as a felony, taking the defendant’s criminal record and the place of commission of an offense. The offender may receive punishment up to many years of a jail sentence or severe fines. 

For example, Arizona law states that if a person steals $500, it falls under a misdemeanor of class A. However, he may be tried for a felony because of any previous history of theft or forgery. 

Other instances where theft may be a felony is when an offender steals a school property or holy place. Otherwise, the stolen property belongs to the government. For theft to become a felony, the states consider first-degree, second -degree and third-degree theft.

Before understanding how much-stolen money is considered a felony, let us comprehend the different kinds of felony theft crimes

Types of Felony Theft Crimes


There are many types of crimes that are considered under Felony theft crimes, including


Theft of any amount of $1000 or more is felony theft. A larceny-theft involves the theft of tangible properties like tangible personal properties such as crops, goods, etc.


When an offender commits theft, he uses force to commit the offense is called robbery. This offense attracts severe punishment as it involves violence.

Possession of stolen property

You don’t need to chalk out a plan and execute it to commit a felony. If you possess stolen belongings, it would amount to a felony. So you must be careful while accepting property from others. 


Embezzlement is a felony when we know how much money was stolen amount to a felony. Embezzlement is looting the property entrusted to you like a trust. To be responsible, you should have a fiduciary relationship with the property entrusted.

Are larceny and theft the same?


Larceny is stealing physical properties, whereas theft is taking away property by trick, fraud, etc. If you are going to ask me how much money amounts to felony larceny, the answer is more than $1000. Let us understand this as felony larceny if the prosecutor charged you for shoplifting. It means that you have taken goods worth more than $1000. 

It should satisfy the following conditions:

  1. You took merchandise from the shop.
  2. You didn’t intentionally pay for them.
  3. You kept it with you without permission.
  4. You had no intention to return the goods.
  5. The value was above $1,000.

In other words, when you have left the last checkpoint or the pay counter where someone can stop. If you have manipulated intentionally or unintentionally the security device, it amounts to larceny.

Considering the gravity and circumstance of the case, let us understand whether a defendant gets a chance to defend himself.

The lawyers can come up with facts to help the client like the accused had no intention to take the property, or that the property belonged to the defendant himself. He can also come up with arguments like the defendant acquired the property owner’s consent before taking it.

Frequently Asked Questions: 


Why should I talk to an attorney if guilty of a felony? 

They are serious offenses with far-reaching consequences. You may lose your chances of getting a good job or renting a house. How much money theft is a felony also determines the jail term.

Will a person charged with a felony be sent for probation? 

Yes, in addition to serving the jail term, he may have to undergo probation with terms and conditions. Violating the terms and conditions may increase the probation period.

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How much money is felony theft differ as the rules differ from state to state? In some states, any amount as low as $750 can amount to a felony. However, in some states, it is $1,000. The rules and the circumstance of the case determine the punishment extended to the offender. It may vary from a mere fine or prison sentence to restitution or probation.

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