Is Tping A House Illegal? 

Anyone who has ever been toilet papered knows that it’s a complete and utter nightmare. It’s the ultimate prank: wet, sticky paper plastered to your windows, doors, walls, and bushes. Once it dries you will have to scrape your fingers off the window frames just to get inside! 

However, is toilet papering a criminal activity? Here, the article will answer your question related to is tping a house illegal?

Is Tping A House Illegal? Is it illegal to teepee a house?


The idea is to throw rolls of toilet paper out of your car onto a victim’s front lawn. When they return home and go to turn on the lights in their front yard, they are met with a mess. So, is it illegal to tp a house? 

There are no laws against toilet paper, but some states have laws against “malicious mischief.” This is defined as breaking, entering or vandalizing someone’s property. If you break out any windows or doors in a house, that’s considered malicious mischief and you’ll be charged accordingly. 

Is Toilet Papering A Criminal Activity?

Toilet papering a house is not a crime, but there are some more serious laws that could depend on the situation. If you throw toilet paper from your car and it hits someone and injures them, then you’ll be charged. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that throwing toilet paper out of your car window can be considered littering. That’s a pretty serious offense within itself because it violates federal law and you’ll end up paying a fine.

What Are the Toilet Papering a House Consequences?

If you’re caught toilet papering a house, you’ll likely be charged with malicious mischief. This is defined as breaking, entering, or vandalizing someone’s property. It’s a common prank that was popular in the 70s and 80s but it’s still going strong today.

Some states may charge you with a misdemeanor for the offense, but others may consider it a felony if you cause damage to the property or if there are injuries involved. 

Where Is Toilet Papering Illegal?

Toilet papering any building or home, including a house, business, or school is considered malicious mischief in some states. 

  1. Home – If you toilet paper a house and the homeowners see you do it, they have the right to press charges. It’s considered malicious mischief but it could also be considered trespassing if you don’t have permission to be on that property.
  2. Business – If you’re caught toilet papering a business, then you’ll likely be charged with breaking and entering or vandalism.  You could also get charged with trespassing if security guards at a mall see you throw rolls of TP from your car.
  3. School – It’s likely that any toilet paper thrown from a car at a school will be considered vandalism or trespassing.
  4. Public place – As long as you’re not on someone else’s property, it should be considered littering and you could face a fine for doing so. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


What Is The Punishment For Tping a House?

In some states, toilet papering a house can be considered vandalism. That’s because you’re entering someone else’s property and doing damage to it. In most cases, it will be considered misdemeanor trespassing.  

Also, the fines will depend on the value of any property that you have damaged. Some states will also consider tping a house vandalism if you cause damage to any signs, mailboxes, or windows.

Is Toilet Papering a House Worth it?

No, it’s not worth being in trouble.  If you end up getting caught, then you’ll have to pay a fine for trespassing. 

Is tping Illegal?

Toilet papering is not a crime. It’s only a crime if you’re caught tping someone’s house and they press charges against you. 

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We hope you have got relevant information to get an answer to the question; is tping a house illegal? Toilet papering a house is a common prank that college students play on their friends and neighbors. It’s also popular in neighborhoods because the people who live there are more likely to be home. If you are caught Tping someone’s house, then you’ll likely face charges for malicious mischief.

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