Is Lane Splitting Legal In Arkansas?

In this busy growing world, everyone wants to finish their work at the earliest possible or reach their destinations in time. To achieve such goals, people on motorcycles often try to break the rules knowingly or unknowingly. 

One of the most broken rules by motor vehicles is lane splitting and today we shall see is lane splitting legal in Arkansas or not… let’s find out

Is lane splitting legal in Arkansas?


According to Law and Traffic Rules in Arkansas, lane splitting is illegal and if you split any lane, you may have to pay charges or get arrested.   

Though lane splitting is quite a beneficial technique to avoid traffic in a populated city, while doing such maneuvers, it is difficult for the rider to control the vehicle and which may lead to accidents. Keeping this in mind, Arkanasa has made sure that this act is neither expressly permitted nor expressly prohibited.

There are several states that allow splitting lanes, however, there are multiple accidents that may occur due to such actions. Hence, to avoid such mishappenings, the law of Arkansas has made lane splitting illegal. All the citizens must follow the rules of the state and if you do not, then you shall face serious charges.


Is lane splitting legal in any other states?

Though many states have not legalized lane splitting, there is one state which is California that has never considered lane splitting as illegal.

What to do if someone else is performing lane splitting?

Lane splitting is illegal in many states; one must not encourage the action in any form. If you see someone doing lane splitting, make sure they are advised not to lane split in that particular state and should have enough knowledge about the rules before riding the vehicle. The other option is to report to the nearest traffic police station.

Can I get arrested for lane splitting in Arkansas?

It depends on the situation where if you are breaking the law by lane splitting, you may be charged with a fine or traffic citation. If this action has caused any damage to other vehicles or life, police may arrest you for further proceedings.

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Considering all the above points, it is easy to state that lane splitting is illegal in Arkansas for a very long time. It is the most dangerous act and breaking such laws can land you in trouble. We hope we have cleared your query about is lane splitting legal in Arkansas.

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