Is Lane Splitting Legal in Indiana?

Looking at the world today we have come a long way from having the number of accidents that occur on the roadside to the number of accidents. It was all possible because of proper rules and regulations that have been imposed on the citizens. Many acts are considered legal and illegal to protect our citizens from getting themselves or their loved ones any harm.

One of them is lane splitting for motorcycles that travel around the city which can be dangerous when not focused on safety. Lane splitting is a serious action and one must take action by either condemning or allowing it. Hence, today we are here to help you figure out the answer to the question is lane splitting legal in Indiana.

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Is lane splitting legal in Indiana?


If we talk about lane splitting in Indiana, it is considered illegal, while some states or cities consider it legal with some ifs & buts. 

Lane splitting is believed to be a time-saving technique for riders and can pass many vehicles in minutes. However, it is also seen that it can be a very dangerous activity and often leads to death. As a result, lane splitting is considered to be illegal in Indiana. 

The law of Indiana states that one must abide by the rules and should not share the line with any other motors and must ride by covering the full lane. If someone is found breaking the rule, the person can get a penalty or punishment. Also, you may have to face other legal consequences, if you are caught in any accident along with lane splitting. 


Why is lane splitting not legal in Indiana?

Due to increasing accidents and dangerous maneuvers taken by motorcycle riders it is decided by the government of Indiana that lane splitting is illegal.

Can lane splitting be dangerous?

Yes, the action of lane splitting can be dangerous when there are too many vehicles and the rider is trying to maneuver the vehicle in order to overtake other vehicles. This can cause accidents and become deadly.

What is the benefit of lane splitting?

When motorcycles are stuck in traffic or in slow-moving traffic, lane splitting helps the riders to overcome the vehicles by splitting lanes and overtaking the vehicle. This helps the rider to reach their destination more than any other vehicle.

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As per the law in Indiana, lane splitting is illegal and people who do not follow such rules shall face legal action. Though lane splitting provides a lot of benefits to the riders, it is dangerous and illegal. 

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