Is Lane Splitting Legal In Florida?

There is a saying which goes: If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents. Well, in this case, if you close your eyes to rules, you will learn through accidents. Lane splitting is one of the most occurring accidents in the states of America. This can only be resolved when the riders know well about the rules of the state.

Do you know anything about lane splitting? Is lane splitting legal in Florida? Many other questions related to lane splitting occur in the mind of the riders and we are here to answer them. Come on, let’s get going!! 

Is lane splitting legal in Florida?


There are several states in America and every state traffic rules are followed similarly except very few. Lean splitting is one of them where almost every state including Florida considers lane splitting as illegal for many decades. According to the Florida Statute section 316.209 (3), it expressly prohibits the act of lane splitting.

The law clearly states that “It is illegal to operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles.” This law protects and covers every aspect of lane splitting by motorcycle riders. If such rules are not followed, the government can take severe action against you.

Reason for lane splitting

Why do people perform lane splitting on the roads? Have you ever wondered?

Lane Splitting is one of the techniques to overtake vehicles from between the lanes. This can help the rider to reach their destination faster and avoid traffic or going slow. This is the main reason why motorcycle riders try to lane split.

However, this may seem to be a very easy and faster way, but it is always dangerous when there are heavy vehicles such as cars and trucks. There are higher chances of getting into an accident in lane splitting than any other.

Legal consequences for lane splitting

Though lane splitting can never land you in jail or take you to court, it can also impose fines and charges on you. This type of action can also get you traffic citations which can add points to your driving license. The fine that is charged can be between 100 dollars to 500 dollars.

The legal consequences depend on what exactly has happened on the road. If it is just lane splitting, you may end up getting a ticket. However, if this action has led to an accident, the charges can be more. 

A conviction for lane splitting mainly comes in a personal injury where the court can decide, it is due to negligence of the rider and all the bills have to be paid by him/her. Thus, abiding by rules can be the best advice for riders to avoid any legal consequences. 


Can lane splitting in stopped traffic be dangerous?

Yes, it can be dangerous. Though accidents may occur rarely, it doesn’t take away the fact that the action performed is dangerous. One can get easily collided with another vehicle in stopped traffic while other vehicles also try to adjust themselves on the lane.

What is the number of lane-splitting deaths in Florida?

As per the data from the government, there are 544 fatalities and more than 10,000 motorcycle injuries in the state of Florida that occurred as a result of lane splitting.

What is a lane-splitting crash?

The crash or an accident that occurs when a motorcycle rider tries to overtake through lane splitting is called a lane splitting crash. This happens when the motorcycle hits another vehicle during lane splitting.

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Considering the above points, we can easily say that lane splitting is illegal in Florida according to 316.209 (3) act. However, people must make sure to keep themselves and their loved ones safe by following the rules no matter what. 

Hope this article has helped our readers to understand the topic: is lane splitting legal in Florida?

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