Is Lane Splitting Legal In GA?

We come across many news every day which also includes accidents that occur everywhere due to someone else mistakes. This kind of news does make us think that how can we avoid such incidents where an accident can occur. Georgia is one of the most beautiful yet systematic followers of the rules.

Keeping this in mind, the government of Georgia has some strict traffic rules as most of the accidents occur on the road. One of the important ones any individual should remember is Lane splitting. 

Have you ever wondered is lane splitting legal in GA? As it is a very important knowledge for our readers, we have listed them the essential points to make them remember.

Is lane splitting legal in GA?


Lane splitting is illegal according to the act O.C.G.A. § 40-6-312 which clearly prohibits the practice of lane splitting on the roads of Georgia. Anyone visiting the state or the citizens must obey the rules and if not, they shall be severe consequences. Splitting lanes in Georgia can lead to a base fine of 132 $ or points assessed to your driver’s license.

This act includes both lane splitting and lane filtering which motorcycles are moving when the vehicles are stopped at a signal making their way to the front. Only police officers especially those who are on duty are allowed for legal practice of lane splitting. 


What is lane splitting?

Lane splitting is nothing but the practice of motorcycles or any two-wheeler vehicle riding between the vehicles on the road which may be on halt or slow-moving traffic.

Why is lane splitting not legal in Georgia?

One of the reasons why lane splitting is illegal is because of the increased vehicle accidents or potential disruption caused due to this action of lane splitting. 

What should I do if I get caught in the Lane splitting act?

Lane splitting is an illegal act and the authorities may charge you with a base fine of 132 $. Make sure you cooperate with the officers and do not talk unless your lawyer visits you over a call or in person.

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Many states including Georgia banned lane splitting by making it illegal for all the people riding on the roads of Georgia. It is safe and does not cause any trouble for you or the other travelers. Hence, one must follow the rules or else they shall face a severe fine penalty. Is lane splitting legal in GA? The answer to this question is covered in this article and hope, you have got it clearly.  

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