Is Lane Splitting Legal In Michigan?

We humans tend to travel a lot and many of us develop this hobby to escape our busy lives. It is essential to enjoy our lives but also it is crucial to follow the rules that are set by society. There are millions of people who follow basic rules, but many of the citizens are unaware of them. 

Hence, we have decided to resolve that issue by bringing you this article and educating our readers about lane splitting in Michigan. When we talk about the safety rules, one of the main questions that arise in mind is Is lane splitting legal in Michigan?

Is lane splitting legal in Michigan?


Before we move on to the main topic, let us get brief information about lane splitting. Lane splitting is nothing but motorcycles riding between the lanes or the slow-moving sign lines in the same direction. It is also called white lining or stripe-riding. It is illegal in many states and legal in a few which is always a debate.

Lane splitting is one of the most dangerous and unsafe actions while driving as it can cause accidents often. Keeping this in mind, the government of Michigan has made it illegal to split lanes while driving a motorcycle or a two-wheeler. 

However, lane sharing between two motorcycles is legal whereas lane splitting is not. Motorcycle riders must watch out for all the rules that can protect them from legal consequences such as lane splitting or any other. Motorcycles or any two-wheeler vehicle engaging in lane splitting in Michigan is not legal and this was brought to the force in the year 2021 of September. 


What is lane splitting?

Lane splitting refers to a motorcycle or a two-wheeler vehicle riding between or on slow-moving traffic lanes is called lane splitting. 

Why is lane splitting illegal in Michigan?

The traffic laws of Michigan are written by the government of Michigan and this may be because due to the rise in accidents, disruptions to traffic flow on highways, and many other reasons.  

What should I do if I get caught in lane splitting?

Do not panic. Once you get caught, call your lawyer and until then do not talk or answer any questions. Kindly cooperate with the officers making sure the process flows smoothly without any violent actions.

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Some of the traffic laws in Michigan are pretty important and one has to know them before riding any vehicle. One of them is lane splitting and considering all the above points it is easy to say that splitting is not legal in Michigan. Hope we have resolved your query about is lane splitting legal in Michigan.

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