Is Lane Splitting Legal in NJ?

New Jersey is one of the most populated cities which have a 9.27 million population. The NJ government must make sure to keep its citizens safe from all types of aspects, especially road accidents. It is common that when there is a huge population, there is a lot of traffic on roads 24/7. When there is so much chaos, road accidents tend to happen.

Some of the actions done by motorcycle riders are life-saving and also some are life-threatening. Hence, the New Jersey road authority has made sure to draw some lines and one of them is lane splitting. So we wonder, is lane splitting legal or not in New Jersey? Come on!! Let’s find out.

Is Lane Splitting Legal in NJ?


As per the records, there is no specific law that is forbidding the act of lane splitting but there is also no supporting document that it is legal. Though the legislature book doesn’t contain any information about lane splitting, it is not encouraged. New Jersey has been best at maintaining the lane even though they are one of the most populated countries. 

Citizens or ex-pats in New Jersey don’t practice lane splitting for the safety of their as well as others, although New Jersey has mostly safe drivers. If lane splitting is not done carefully, it can cause an accident. Thus, practicing safe driving is the best option, irrespective of whether it is legal or not. 

Also, if you are lane splitting in a safe manner and you meet an accident, even because of someone else’s’ fault, you will be considered guilty. Here, you were driving on the wrong side, that’s why according to NJ law, you will be responsible for this accident, and you may have to pay for this. 


What is lane splitting?

Any two-wheeler or motorbike traveling between the lanes or in slow-moving traffic or even a stopped vehicle at the red light is called lane splitting.      

Is it legal to split a lane while riding a car in NJ?

The answer is No. Though nothing is written in the legislature of the government, the practice of lane splitting is not encouraged whether it is while riding a car or motorcycle or bike.

Can lane splitting be dangerous even in stopped traffic?

Yes, it is dangerous and causes accidents while motorcycles ride between the stopped vehicles to overcome them from different directions.

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New Jersey has been one of the old and most populated countries. In New Jersey, every type of person can be seen but to bring them under one traffic rule such as lane splitting is quite difficult and New Jersey has made it true. It is illegal to split the lane in New Jersey. Hope we answered your question is lane splitting legal in NJ?      

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