Is DDosing Illegal?

There are both negative and positive effects of the internet, where it will connect your friend from thousands of kilometers in a fraction of a second or give you any information on any topic with just a tap, there is also the negative part which is Cyber attack. 

If you come across someone who complains that his or her website is not working or showing a “Service Unavailable” error, it indicates the person might be a victim of DDos. 

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) is a process that sends an enormous amount of unwanted traffic into a particular website which makes it useless when accessed. Many argue that DDoS is illegal but many users are still finding the answer to whether is DDoS illegal or are DDoS attacks illegal. However, one need not worry as we have unfolded the truth about DDos in this article. Come on then, let’s get to know all about Is ddosing illegal?

Is DDosing Illegal?


Yes, DDosing is illegal because creating obstacles or causing trouble to the user accessing a website or an application is Illegal. It might be for any reason, no individual can indulge in any other company’s or personal website data. This is considered a cyber security threat.

The legal status of DDosing 

DDosing is a process where unwanted traffic creates obstacles for the user to access the needed website. It is called a Distributed denial of service attack and this type of attack can slow down any kind of website’s performance and cause heavy losses to the companies.

DDosing is one of the most crucial attacks of cyber security and it is considered illegal under the law of any nation. This even includes DDosing on illegal websites or testing on unknown websites and causing issues to the users or companies. An unauthorized DDos attack can lead to up to 10 years imprisonment under the law of the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. 

If such attacks are found to be carried out then that individual must have to pay a hefty amount and shall be restricted from the state or city. There are many types of DDosing attacks, for example, say you are working in your system and suddenly you get a pop-up that says “503 error” then you are under a DDoS attack.

Legal consequences of DDoS attacks 

A company mainly runs through websites or applications and making it to be useless can cause the company to run on loss once found out then all the charges shall be imposed on the attacker including the loss beared by the company during this period. However, this kind of attack is illegal and many software that are built to avoid such difficulties shall warn the user and help it to stop by building a firewall.

The attacker shall be made sure to pay a fine of 500,000 dollars or even if a person conspires to do so then he/she shall have to 250,000 dollars and serve 10 and 5 years of jail respectively.

Ethical Considerations of DDosing

While DDosing is an attack on an unknown firm or a company by hacking their websites and making it useless is an offense against the law. DDosing can be considered ethical when hacking is done in a controlled manner in order to bring the crime to an end or to catch any attacker. An attack under authorization from the authorities can be considered illegal but only in a controlled manner.

Many DDosing attacks are done by informing the user in order to test the attack and this type of attack can also be considered to be ethical. Though DDosing is an attack many considered it to be illegal even though it is under surveillance. 

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 What is a DDoS attack?

A: DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service attack) is a process that sends an enormous amount of unwanted traffic to a particular website which makes them useless or keeps the users away frontend server by displaying errors. This type of attack mainly focuses on slowing down the server or completely crashing it.

#2 Can you be sued for DDosing?

A: Yes, one can be sued for involving themselves in DDosing. It is an offensive act that makes huge companies stop their business in order to safeguard their data because of an attack called DDosing. This can incur a huge amount of loss and the person who is responsible will be sued and impose all the losses.

#3 What should I do if I am a victim of a DDoS attack?

Once the attack has been confirmed, one must contact their service provider and change the IP address immediately. If the user is able to access the server then one must try to clear all the logs and make sure to back up all the data in a removable drive. This can help to safeguard the data and shall not fall into the wrong hands.

#4 What are the potential consequences of engaging in a DDos attack?

If any individual or a group is found to be involved in a DDos attack then they shall be charged a fine of 500,000 dollars for all the damage they have caused or yet to. They may even end up in jail for 10 years more depending on what kind of hacking has been carried out.  

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It is said and done that DDoS is an offensive act and must be brought under control and definitely DDos is illegal around the world. Considering the traffic that can be used to stop any crime in the name of ethical hacking, it is still considered an attack, and many firms or organizations still are threatened by this kind of hacking. One must be aware of all the types of hacking in order to safeguard themselves with such methods.

Hope we have answered all your questions such as are DDoS attacks illegal and is DDosing illegal and have created awareness among our readers.

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