Is Lane Splitting Legal In NC?

People often follow traffic rules no matter the circumstances, especially in cities like NC. There are countless rules and regulations and one of them is lane splitting which is very essential while driving many wonder is lane splitting is legal in NC

Therefore, to make our readers understand, we have prepared an article pertaining to all the essential aspects one must know before getting their vehicle on the roads. Come on then!! Let’s know more.

Is lane splitting legal in NC?


Following traffic, rules can help citizens to keep their loved ones safe and protect others from dangerous accidents. When it comes to lane splitting NC law does not speak much about lane splitting as they have a new provision provided by the government. Though the government of NC does not talk much about lane splitting they do talk about lane sharing.

According to the law of NC, any two-wheeler or motorcycle has to be provided with a separate respective road where a motorcycle can drive safely through highways. Being in the cities like NC one must be aware of such rules and regulations set by the transport authority of transportation. Hence, it is common to say that lane splitting is legal.


Does Insurance cover the accident caused by lane splitting?

No, as per the guidelines of Insurance, the insurance company does not provide a claim as it falls under the liability of the rider, and the rider who has been lane splitting has to bear the cost of the accident.

Can lane splitting become legal in NC?

Well, as of now it is clear that lane splitting is illegal in NC where lane sharing is one of the important concepts. Hence, it is important to follow the rule no matter what.

What are the consequences if I engage in lane splitting in NC?

A: NC law clearly states that lane splitting is illegal and moreover if any individual violates such a rule then he/she must have to pay the prices in the name of fines and penalties.

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Considering all the above points it does prove that lane splitting is illegal in NC, and if done so then you may have to face the charges from the authority of the states. Hope we have answered your question related to of is lane splitting legal in NC.

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