Is Lane Splitting Legal In Illinois?

Lane splitting happens when a cruiser rides at any speed between two paths of halted traffic. In spite of the fact that it could save time and be helpful, lane splitting is dangerous driving behavior and unlawful in 31 states of the United States. 

Now, it is essential to know traffic rules and laws before you split lanes in Illinois. Let’s know whether is lane splitting legal in Illinois or not. 

Is lane splitting legal in Illinois? 


No, lane splitting isn’t legal in Illinois. Illinois has no particular lane splitting regulation, yet right-of-way regulations restrict it. Because of the option to proceed laws, it is an explicit violation of traffic rules, which will bring you a ticket for violation in case a cop you find splitting lanes.

Depending on the impact of the violation of traffic, you can get a ticket, a fine charge, or even can get prison. Also, if you meet an accident during lane splitting, it can negatively impact your insurance claim. 


Is there any penalty for lane splitting? 

In Illinois, lane splitting is illegal and you may attract fine or points for the violation of law in your motor vehicle license.

What is the petty traffic violation for lane splitting? 

If you are involved in lane splitting without speeding, you may have to pay a fine of up to $1,000.

How can I ride a motorcycle safely? 

You need to understand that lane splitting is illegal in Illinois because it is not safe for the motorcycle rider, so don’t practice lane splitting. Wear a helmet and obey traffic rules and take a road safety course to be aware of the rules.

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Hope you have gotten the answer to your question “Is lane splitting legal in Illinois.” Lane splitting is illegal in Illinois and if cops catch you doing it, you can be in trouble. Thus, don’t practice it. Also, lane splitting is dangerous and can lead to any big mishappening. 

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