Is It Illegal To Hit A Girl?

In the world of equality, everyone must be treated well and must be respected no matter what the circumstances are. Stating that it is also important for people to know what are legal and illegal activities in this social society. There are many issues that have to be spoken about but if the main discussion is about the topic, is it illegal to hit a girl?

It is very important to remember that hitting anyone is an offensive act despite what gender it is. However, when we magnify and focus on a particular topic many people wonder if is it illegal for a boy to a girl, if is it illegal to hit a girl in self-defense, and whether is it illegal to hit a girl under 18 and many other questions. It is some of the common questions and it is time to answer them in depth.

Hence, in this article, you shall find all the answers that are related to the topic “Is it illegal to hit a girl” and come to a conclusion about what is right and wrong. Then, what is the wait for? Let’s get going and educate ourselves.

Is it illegal to hit a girl?


Yes, it is illegal to hit a girl out of anger, aggression, or any other matter. It is wrong to hit a girl to show dominance in society or in the personal circle but it is not wrong or illegal when it comes to self defencing. If possible, one must not try to use the approach in the beginning and try to use other methods to defend, and only in the last option one can defend himself by hitting a girl.

It is okay to hit a girl when she had the first strike at you and the person hits her back in self-defense. There are many legal laws that object to having the first strike and may lead to a serious problem if the act was other than self-defense.

The legal status of hitting a girl

Hitting a girl is morally wrong and offensive when done in other self-defense and can get you in serious trouble. There are several laws that protect women from harmful activities that can be caused by the man in the name of dominance or aggression. This is the Violent Against the women reauthorization act of 2013. This also includes domestic violence and abuse of women.

When we talk about law and order regarding violence against women we must first understand what is battery and the legal definition of assault. Battery means imposing or forcing someone to do something or application of force on their body or their belongings is called the battery. Carrying out some of these actions on women can lead to serious allegations which can result in long imprisonment.

Hitting or any criminal force on women is against the law and shall be punished with a minimum of 1 year of imprisonment up to 5 years or even they might have to compensate the girl for the situation she has gone through. There are severe charges in some states where the person shall have to go through community services, pay a hefty fine and serve jail time.

Some of the most serious measures have been taken by the government to create awareness and to create fear in the people who are causing such incidents. 

The Impact of Hitting a Girl

There are several effects that come from this action for example society may stop respecting the man for his actions and may try to remove him from society so that not much of an impact is done on children’s mental health. People around the man may not respect which can lead to an emotional breakdown and harm you psychologically. People do not forget their actions and hence it might become harder for the person to live in a society with all the hatred.

People often misjudge their actions and the person in the situation can be a victim of such judging. This not only affects the mind of the individual but also the family members and friends who are connected to them.

Nowadays it has become normal to raise their hands on other human beings no matter what the gender is. Especially with humans to show who is dominant in their relationship. This can impact the future generations of the society and may affect their childhood. It is true that when it comes to equality, a man can hit women and it is legal only in the name of self-defense.

Gender equality is applied in all aspects and one cannot escape by playing the card of hitting a girl is illegal. Any man can hit back when their first strike is made by the woman to protect himself from physical abuse. 

The way forward: Prevention and Education

Violence against women is not a new thing in our society. Every day one or the other incidents are being heard and it is a very hurtful and inhuman attitude towards others. If this type of behavior has to be changed then one must try to impose this knowledge of respecting each other from their childhood. Creating an environment where all genders are treated equally and respected mutually can be a solution.

Children can be taught in schools and colleges to treat the opposite gender equally and going against the law can lead to bad outcomes. But how shall one carry out such a process of educating the buds? The answer is simple, through conducting activities to support the cause. There are several communities that educate people on how to react and on how to support people who have gone through such situations.

One can easily reach out to those groups and get help or provide help for the needy ones and show your support and be a role model for the younger generation.

Taking Action

Let us end our last concept by saying a quote “The suppression of women’s rights should begin with the suppression of women’s rites”. There is a lot to understand from this quote which says unless the women won’t rise and say the action that is taking place against them is wrong then no one shall care and the abuse shall continue. This has to stop and one must raise their voice in order to achieve what has begun.

There are a number of communities that can help to stand on their feet for those women who are really facing the atrocity of a man and not using it for their benefit and say what have done to me was wrong and justice must be served at any cost. This strong act can bring changes and actually can lead to some results. 

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Is it ever okay to hit a girl?

No, it is not okay to hit a girl due to the person’s anger or aggression or to show the dominance of the gender. It is against the law and can cause some serious issues if done so. This can only take place when it is a situation of self-defense.

#2 What happened if I hit a girl?

If any man hit a girl the reason for getting angry or aggressive then he shall be arrested and imprisoned and may have to pay a hefty fine for abusing the woman for his pleasure. If the woman has made the first strike for hitting a man then the man can do the same in the name of self-defense.

#3 What should I do if someone hits me?

If someone hits you, you must not law into their own hands and must not act against the law. Though self-defense is one of the options and if the person wants justice he/she can always file a complaint against that particular person who has harmed.

#4 What can we do to prevent violence against women?

We can start by teaching our future generation to behave with the opposite gender and can educate them about the law and order of society. One can also join communities that support women who have gone through such tough times and contribute their time and energy to providing justice.

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The topic we are discussing today is really a challenging task in today’s world and there are several ways to make it right. In short to conclude, Is it illegal to hit a girl? Yes, it is unless it is a self-defense act. 

Hope we have answered all your queries like whether is it against the law to hit a woman or even is it illegal to hit a girl in self-defense. Come on, let us join hands and work on this cause mutually and bring back equality.

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