Is Lane Splitting Legal In New York?

In the US, every state has different laws regarding lane splitting. It is allowed in certain states considering the benefit it reduces road congestion. The country offers freedom to its 50 states to make its traffic laws.

Every state decides whether the behavior of motorists is legal or punishable. Some states consider this behavior normal, and others punishable. Even though it is explicitly legal in New York, it is legal in states such as Arizona, considering the circumstances. 

Is Lane splitting legal in New York?


Lane splitting is illegal in New York. When a cop sees you splitting lanes, he will stop to penalize you. While some states, such as California, permit lane splitting, many other states do not mention the practice, leaving its legality up to the interpretation of other sections of the statute.

However, lane splitting is illegal in New York. According to subsections (b) through (d) of Vehicle and Traffic Law section 1252:

(b) A motorbike driver should not pass in the same lane when the vehicle is overtaken.

(c) It is against the law to ride a motorbike between traffic lanes, parallel lines, or rows of automobiles.

(d) No more than two motorcycles may operate in a single lane.

If these things happen, it would be lane splitting that would obviously be against these rules.

Punishment for lane splitting

Compared to other states fines in New York for lane-splitting offenses can be quite severe. Even on your first offense, lane splitting carries a $150 fine.

Repeated offenses result in higher penalties. A second conviction within 18 months is punishable by an $88 surcharge, a two-point deduction, 15 days in jail, and a $350 fine. The same penalties, with a $ 450 fine, may apply with a third conviction within 18 months.


Why is lane splitting dangerous?

Lane splitting can be dangerous in traffic situations where drivers quickly change lanes or when drivers do not expect riders to be moving around in the middle lanes of traffic. This could result in side-swipe and turn-into-path collisions and crashes.

What is Lane Splitting with bar end mirrors?

Lane splitting with bar-end mirrors means splitting the lanes using bar-end mirrors. As these mirrors are small and adjustable, they make it easier to split lanes without hitting any vehicle on your way. Thus, lane splitting with bar-end mirrors is considered safer. 

What is the difference between Lane Splitting and Lane Sharing?

Lane Splitting is about motorcycle riding between moving vehicles in the same lane or rows of stopped. Lane Sharing is about utilizing the same lane side by side with another motorcyclist.

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Lane splitting is riding your two-wheeler between the lanes when there is gridlock. It is illegal in New York and will attract punishments. Hope, you have got the answer to “Is lane splitting legal in New York?”

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