Is Lane Splitting Legal in Texas? 

Motorcycle riders have their responsibility while riding their vehicle on the road as they must also take care of the rider riding beside them. This can only happen when the rider is educated about the rules of the state. Let’s talk about one such important traffic rule; that is lane splitting.

Is lane splitting legal in Texas? If it is so, are the citizens aware of it? There are many queries associated with lane splitting and we are here to resolve them for you. Sit back and read along!!

Is lane splitting legal in Texas?


As per the law of the State of Texas, lane splitting is illegal and punishable. 

Throughout the country, people often like to ride their bikes and enjoy the moments such as the wind, freedom, the view, and so on. This can all happen when the same person also gives importance to the traffic rules to keep themselves safe to enjoy all such beautiful aspects. Hence states have made a list of rules which can protect riders from road accidents and one of them is Lane splitting.

Lane splitting is defined as a two-wheeler vehicle or a motorcycle passing the other vehicle between the lanes. This type of action is illegal in the state of Texas as per the law. If someone breaks this rule, he/she may have to pay $ 175 to $ 200 as a fine, depending on the situation. 

However, the government is on the path of making it legal as they find it very helpful for the control of traffic. This comes with proper conditions where, if the rider has to make a lane split then he/she should make sure they are maintaining a speed limit of not more than 20 miles per hour. This bill is yet to pass in the state of Texas.

The risk of lane splitting

Though lane splitting is considered to be the fastest way to reach your destination, it is one of the most dangerous acts performed on the road. Any vehicle changing lanes without the prior signal while a motor vehicle is lane splitting then a deadly accident can occur.

Irrespective of the speed of both the vehicles the collision is meant to happen in such cases. Hence, before changing the lane try to avoid lane splitting and wait for the vehicles to make space for you and then change the lane giving a signal to other vehicles.

According to the data, it is seen that 15% of all accidents happen because of lane splitting by motor vehicles. This affects both the parties in the accident and their families. The risk of lane splitting is always higher than the benefit of reaching your destination sometime before the reachable time.


What is the difference between lane sharing and lane sitting?

Lane sharing is defined as a vehicle sharing the same lane with another vehicle whereas lane splitting is defined as a vehicle passing or zooming another vehicle by riding between the lanes.

Does lane splitting cause more accidents?

According to a survey, it is found out lane splitting causes 15% of road accidents that occur. This can be stopped by riding the vehicle slowly, not more than the limit of 15 km per hour.

Does lane splitting reduce traffic?

According to some states, lane splitting does reduce traffic congestion that occurs on highways or in signals. They not only reduce traffic but also reduce vehicle emissions.

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Considering all the above points, though the law of the state does prohibit the act of lane splitting for the people traveling in Texas, it is safe not to do it for our good. Hope, all our readers are now aware of the seriousness of lane splitting. Also, we hope that we have answered your query about is lane splitting is legal in Texas.

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