Is Lane Splitting Legal In Louisiana?

Being one of the most developed cities, Louisiana has made itself the safest place when compared to other cities. Louisiana government made done it by making many things legal and illegal in the interest of the citizens’ welfare and safety. Any motorcycle rider riding in Louisiana must be aware of such legal and illegal aspects before getting his/her motorcycle on the road. 

Are you wondering what that important thing is? Well, here it is. Is lane splitting legal in Louisiana? It is the most essential information before you start riding and if not known, you may get in trouble without knowing the proper rules and regulations. To resolve this issue we have brought you this article to explain if lane splitting is legal in Louisiana or not. 

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Is lane splitting legal in Louisiana?


RS 32:191.1 of the Louisianan Law clearly states that operating a motorcycle between lanes of traffic or adjacent lines or rows of vehicles is prohibited. 

Though there are 50 states, only a few have legalized the act of lane splitting but many of the states including Louisiana have made it illegal keeping in mind the dangerous and deadly incidents caused by it. 

If anyone split the lane in Louisiana, he/she has to face legal consequences. If you meet any accident or vehicle damage during lane splitting, your loss will increase. This is because the insurance company can regency your claim by saying that you were involved in an illegal act while you get injured or your vehicle get damaged. 


What are the potential consequences of lane splitting in Louisiana?

If you are caught in the act of doing lane splitting then you may be charged with traffic citations or fines. Moreover, if there is any damage to the vehicle or yourself, the insurance company may regency your claim for doing illegal things.

Are there any exceptions or provisions for lane splitting in Louisiana?

The answer is No. Motorcycle riders must follow the rules of the state and have to abide by them. There are exceptions or provisions for lane splitting in Louisiana.

How to protect oneself from lane splitting from others?

A: If you are riding your motorcycle on the road then try to ride in a single lane and do not try to overtake vehicles unless it is necessary. Maintain minimum distance from other traveling vehicles so that you and your loved ones are safe.

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Considering the above point it is clear that Louisiana is one of the states where lane splitting is illegal and if caught in the action, he/she must have to pay a fine and other charges for the wrongdoing. Hope, we have answered your query which is lane splitting legal in Louisiana? 

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