Is Lane Splitting Legal In South Caroline?

Being a motorcycle rider it is our job to follow the rules of the state no matter what the circumstances are. It is very much essential as they help to keep us safe from road accidents. Lane splitting can be one of those rules that is being advised to us and yet many of us are not aware of is lane splitting legal in South Caroline or not.

Do not worry!! Let’s get to know in this article together. 

Is lane splitting legal in South Caroline?


Lane splitting is illegal in South Caroline. It is clearly mentioned in the law of South Caroline that Lane splitting is an illegal act. 

There are thousands of people living in South Caroline who are confused about what are the laws of South Caroline on Lane Splitting. Well, there are many laws but focusing on the topic, Section 56-5-364(c) clearly states that “Motorcyclists are not permitted to operate a motorcycle between lanes of traffic, or between adjacent lines or rows of vehicles”.

This law clearly projects that lane splitting is illegal in the state of South Caroline. Here, all motorcycles must use the full lane. However, this does not apply to those who have two abreast in a single lane. 

There are 50 states almost including South Caroline that consider lane splitting illegal. Thus, practicing lane splitting not only can cause accidents but also can cause legal consequences.


Does lane splitting reduce traffic?

In some states, it is believed that lane splitting does reduce traffic and there are benefits for motorcycle riders as they can reach their destinations fast by overtaking slow-moving vehicles. However, they are also considered to be dangerous acts. 

Does lane splitting cause more accidents?

Though it is beneficial for motorcycle riders, it is believed that 15% of accidents occur due to lane splitting in the state. This can be reduced by making sure not to split the lane or by traveling at a speed of 15-20 km and not more than that.

Why lane splitting is considered to be dangerous?

While maneuvering the vehicle by splitting lanes there are chances of getting hit by a vehicle or hit a vehicle as you overtake the vehicle in between the lane. Hence lane splitting is illegal in South Carolina.

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As per the law of South Caroline, it is illegal for a motorcycle rider to split the lane and if caught, one has to be ready for the legal consequences. Hope, this article has helped you figure out the solution for is lane splitting legal in South Caroline.

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