How to become a personal injury lawyer?

The demand for personal injury is high, and if you know how much a personal injury lawyer charge, you will ask me how to become a personal injury lawyer. Before you know this, you must know what a personal injury lawyer does. 

A personal injury lawyer takes care of clients’ personal or psychological injury cases. He represents clients for negligent drunk or otherwise drivers to ensure they get their claims from insurance companies. 

If a patient has suffered damages due to negligent physicians, a personal lawyer will represent on behalf of his client. A personal injury lawyer will help to protect the patient’s rights and help him get damages for his injury. 

Are you an aggrieved person who wonders how much a personal injury lawyer costs? Then, read on. The cost of the personal injury lawyer is 1/3rd of the settlement amount from the companies.

How to become a personal injury lawyer?


Initially, you would associate yourself with a practicing lawyer to gain experience. An internship with a practicing personal injury lawyer would help you gain rich experience before partnering with another attorney. You can also start a firm after gaining the required experience.

A fresher will start earning after you start winning cases. It is the discretion of the firm to decide your fees. Once you gain enough experience, you can fix your fees based on how much personal injury lawyers cost their clients.

Small law firms need clerical staff from time to time. Join as a part-time intern while you pursue your law course. It will help you in your career once you finish your degree. The US bureau of labor statistics states that a personal injury lawyer earns close to $1,20,000. 

Qualifications required to become a personal injury lawyer:


  • Law degree and any bachelor’s degree.
  • You have to pass the bar exam.
  • Strong oratory and analytical abilities to excel in this profession.
  • You need to have strong knowledge of federal and state laws relating to personal injury.

Once you acquire the required qualifications, you can become a personal injury lawyer. You can start by asking how much does a personal injury lawyer costs to get an idea to fix your remuneration. The legal field is ever booming with plenty of opportunities as it grows at 4% per year.

You need to spend seven years to be a personal injury lawyer. A Juris Doctor degree after completing a bachelor’s degree of your choice will take you further in your journey to become a personal injury lawyer. 

Steps to become a personal injury lawyer


Before completely comprehending personal injury lawyer costs, let us know the steps to become one.

#1. Get a bachelor’s degree

The initial step in the journey is to earn an undergraduate degree to earn a Juris Doctor degree. You can choose any subject like Political science, Social science, History, or English. You can pick pre-law courses, which would be advantageous for your law course in the future. 

#2. LSAT exam

Once you finish the undergraduate program, you should take the LSAT exam that gauges your analytical skills. It is a multiple-choice exam that tests your reading, research, task management, and logical reasoning skills. Your LSAT score speaks volumes about your opportunity to enter a law college.

#3. Get a law degree

To get a law degree, you should join a three-year law degree course once you complete your undergraduate degree. In law school, you will learn the law of torts, medical malpractice, constitutional law, and legal writing. After completing the degree, you can become a member of the American Bar association. You can take a mock trial or join an internship before graduating to get a taste of this profession. 

#4. Write a Bar exam

If you want to practice, you should write a bar exam to get a membership. The exam will test your knowledge of state-specific laws and will contain general questions related to law. 

#5. Write the MPRE exam

The next step in becoming a personal injury lawyer is to write the multistate professional responsibility exam. It tests your knowledge of professional conduct.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a separate bar exam for personal injury attorneys? 

No, it is a general test to check your legal knowledge and skills.

How much minimum percentile should I score to get into a decent law college? 

A score of a minimum 50 percentile is required to get into an accredited law school.

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There are different steps to becoming a personal injury lawyer. Hope this article has helped you to know “How to become a personal injury lawyer?”

Once you complete your undergraduate, you can join a law course to attain your goal of becoming a personal injury lawyer. After graduating from law school, you should know how much a personal injury lawyer charges his clients to get an idea. 

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