Can an Attorney Negotiate a Probation Violation?

Can an attorney negotiate a probation violation? If you have a such a question in mind then you are at the right place.

In this article, I have covered all your queries related to probation violation.

What is Probation Violation?

Probation is the period of living under constant surveillance and strict rules and regulations. An offender is sentenced to probation rather than incarceration as part of a criminal penalty. A criminal offender is under the supervision of a correctional officer during this time, often a probation officer.

A probation officer supervises probation and parole and assists the offender with various changes when released from prison.

Usually, the judge presiding over the case has the power to award probation. In cases of nonviolent offenses, probation is frequently granted.

When will you get Probation?

Additionally, probation is more likely to be given if it is a first-time violation. Probation is seen to be beneficial to the criminal. Now in certain unexpected circumstances, one might end up violating the rules of probation.

In that case, You may be picked up at any moment and brought into prison for breaching your probation if you are suspected of breaking any of the conditions of your probation, such as failing to pay penalties on time or skipping a planned appointment with your probation officer.

A court may impose the whole sentence that would have been given if the offender had not been granted probation, plus additional time for violating the restrictions. Judges will differ in how they approach certain instances; in that case, you will need a skilled lawyer. Regardless of the reason that prevented you from sticking to the regulations, you require legal representation to fight for your freedom.

What might happen if you violate probation rules?


The court will issue a summons for your appearance or a warrant for your arrest after filing a notice by a probation officer. Additionally, the court will schedule a hearing on the infraction. If the court determines that you did break the terms of your probation, one of three things will happen:

  • The judge may give you a warning for a minor infraction and let you keep living on probation.
  • The court may also grant you a conditional extension of your probation.
  • The court may entirely revoke your probation if the breach was substantial or wasn’t the first time you had broken the terms of your probation, leading to spending the remaining time in prison. 

So, Can an attorney Negotiate a Probation Violation? Do I need a Lawyer for Probation Violation?


If you are having trouble paying penalties within the timeframes outlined in your sentencing, a lawyer can help. The most acceptable legal representation is essential since every case and violation is unique.

It is crucial to have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side from the start; this person should be knowledgeable about probation and know how to get your case dismissed.

So yes, you need a skilled legal representative to help you. Although you are not obligated to have a defense lawyer defend you, doing so might be the difference between staying out on bail or being taken back into prison.

How to win a Probation Revocation hearing?


Here are a few points to consider if you find yourself in this situation and might win your probation revocation hearing.

  1. In the hearing, the judge only considers if you broke the rules and, if yes, then the punishment to offer. Your probation is maintained and the penalty cannot persuade the judge that your probation officer is mistaken and that you did not indeed breach your probation in the ways they are alleging. Although this is the ideal outcome for a violator, it is also the outcome that occurs less frequently. 
  2. The next thing you can work on is making a positive contribution to society. This way, you can easily convince the judges that the community might not be better with you behind bars. So always make a positive change such as community service, working on a job taking care of people around you. This way, you have the support of your community as well.
  3. If you have no way out of the situation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to look for reputable mentors. Having a public member testify in court significantly increases your chances of avoiding prison. They will testify in your favor in court if you convince them that you deserve to remain in the community.
  4. While all the options fail to save you, work upon yourself to correct your mistakes. Of course, not every probationary infraction is remediable. Your only choice is to demonstrate to the judge that you are attempting to resolve the issue.

 Do everything it takes to persuade the court that, despite your mistakes, you are making every effort to improve.

Frequently asked questions:


1. How to get rid of a probation violation warrant?

Get the probation renewed or dismissed, as this would most effectively remove the warrant. No warrant or hold on that warrant is required after the issue has been handled. Undoubtedly, in this situation, it is crucial to have professional assistance. You cannot simply enter and carry out the task. Although it won’t always be successful, when it is, it is miraculous and ought to be the first thing your attorney tries to accomplish on your behalf.

2. What are the lawyer’s average fees for probation violation?

Although several factors change the price range of the fess, ,it might cost from $8000 per case on average. But still, it differs in different circumstances and their complexity. Often defense attorneys charge between $1000 to $15,000. 

3. Can probation violence be dismissed?

Well, its answer depends, but if your case is not severe, yes, it can happen. You and your attorney might be able to arrange to have your offense dropped without a hearing. It may be as easy as speaking with the prosecutor and emphasizing how nicely you’ve behaved during your probationary period up to this point and this was a tiny slip-up.

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Your dread may prevent you from resolving a probation violation effectively because every circumstance is unique and hiring a reasonable attorney may save you from a lot of trouble. Not only do they give you proper advice, but they might pull you out of this unprecedented situation. I hope this article has helped to solve your query of hiring an attorney for probation violation

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