Can I Adopt My Grandchild Without a Lawyer?

Sometimes, you may wish to become your grandchildren’s caretaker. It may be for a short time or permanent. In such cases, it is advantageous that you know the procedure. This write-up will help those grandparents who bear doubts like “can grandparents adopt grandchildren?

Usually, when a parent goes to jail for a certain period, a grandparent can pray for custody. There is no need for the adoption of a child. Grandparents may file a case for adoption when the child’s parents die or their interest is detrimental to the child’s safety. 

Can I Adopt My Grandchild Without a Lawyer?

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If you ask me can I adopt my grandchild without a lawyer? Yes, it is possible. But it is always advisable to adopt your grandchild after obtaining legal consent before a court of law. You may not be familiar with the adoption process, which will create problems in the future. 

Seek legal counsel’s advice before assuming the new responsibility. 

How can I legally adopt my grandchild?

You need to file a petition and submit certain documents to obtain the court’s approval for adoption. Even though, adoption is possible without the help of a lawyer there are restrictions in place for custody without adoption. In certain states in the US, grandparents need not go for adoption to seek permanent guardianship.

Once you file a petition, there will be a court hearing. Your counsel may present arguments in favor of why adoption is inevitable in the best interest of the child. Your testimony will be backed up with background checks, and paperwork, fingerprinting before the court may grant permission to adopt your grandchild.

Circumstances when the court may grant adoption

There are some circumstances in which the court may grant the adoption of a grandchild or grandchildren. Such as:

  • When your son or daughter doesn’t show interest in parenting your grandchildren and wants to cushion them from the difficulties of orphaned children.
  • When the parents die, grandparents may seek permission for adoption.
  • Excessive substance use of your children may force you to move to court for adoption.
  • Death of your children. You may want to parent your orphaned grandchildren.
  • If your children assault your grandchildren and it threatens the children’s safety, you may adopt your grandchildren.

How long does it take to adopt a grandchild?


Usually, it takes around six months to complete the process, it may take a year time for your grandchildren to make your house their nest. The process may get stretched when your children contest the process. You may have to fight fiercely by explaining your grandchildren’s crisis situation before you become their primary caregiver.

Things grandparents should know before adoption

The parents should consent to the adoption of their children. If they don’t consent to an adoption, you need to move to the court stating desertion of the child for six months to one year. The judge may consider it a valid adoption case before granting legal custody.

How can an adoption attorney help me adopt my grandchild?


Since the adoption process terminates the legal custody of your children over your grandchildren, adoption is a serious process. The judge would bestow the legal custody of your grandchildren on you. 

A legal counsel may know the documents to be submitted in court and give orientation and training before adoption. The presence of an adoption attorney would increase the chances of custody in your favor.

Benefits of adopting a grandchild:


1. Emotional benefit

When you adopt a deserted grandchild, you may get a companion for a lifetime. On the flip side, the child may get financial security. It is a win-win situation for both.

2. Practical benefits

When grandparents get custody of grandchildren, they may provide better education, healthcare, and lifestyle and can discipline them.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can a grandparent adopt an orphaned child? 

Yes, he can, with or without legal aid. If you approach legally, you may get more rights to your grandchildren.

What problems do grandparents face while adopting? 

They may not be aware of the support services available to grandparents. Seek legal advice to know the rights.

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Adopting your grandchild is not an easy process. Although you don’t have to approach the court for custody of grandchildren, it is always advisable to file for an adoption petition. When you feel your children have abandoned your grandchildren or abused them, you can file a petition to get their custody and to ensure their safety.

It creates a beautiful bonding between you and your grandchild, taking away loneliness from your life. You can add them to your insurance plans if you adopt them. It helps you to take care of them better. Approach a legal counsel to know what documents you have to submit to finalize the adoption process. 

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