Can A Lawyer Clear A Warrant? Yes and Here’s How

Criminal activities in big cities are not a surprising topic to people at all as they hear news of some or the other criminal activities in their city or the state. To eradicate such activities, the government has taken many steps and yet we have many criminal activities taking place. 

However, during an investigation or once found out that a person is charged with criminal charges the police shall arrest the person through a warrant. Now the question that arises in every mind is can a lawyer clear a warrant if required and how. 

Many of us wonder how to get out of a warrant that is requested by the other party’s lawyer against us. This has to be put to an end and only the best lawyer or attorney can make this happen.

However, where to find such attorneys, or how to know can a lawyer clear a warrant? We are here to help you out in finding all the answers. 

In this article, we shall see how to get a bench warrant removed, how to get a warrant dropped and also how do you clear a warrant, and also other related topics. Let us get going with our reading and know more!!

What is a warrant?


When a person is accused of criminal activity, he/she must be examined and investigated to prove that they are innocent or guilty. In many countries, the authorities are not authorized to arrest or enter a house to search without the right permission from the court. 

Unless and until a person holding a warrant can only arrest, search a home, or do any other specific things to the person accused. In simple terms, a warrant is a document provided by the judge to authorize some of the actions of the police or any other authorities on the accused person. 

If the accused is arrested or searched without a warrant, these actions are considered actions against the law. Unless the judge of the court orders a warrant to arrest the person, no one has permission to do so.

Can A Lawyer Clear A Warrant? Yes and Here’s How


A Warrant is issued to those who have been accused of any criminal charges to ensure that the person is guilty or innocent. To make this happen, the judge must pass permission to the police or any respected authorities to carry on the job. 

However, the person who is being accused can hire a lawyer to clear the warrant that has been given by the judge. Yes, you heard it right.


However, this kind of clearing can only be done with some of the charges such as traffic rules violation or accused of robbery, or any related criminal activities. The lawyer can try to clear or quash the warrant without the person accused appearing in court by resolving the issue provided for the warrant.

However, clearing warrants cannot be done in felony cases where the gravity of the case is too high. Lawyers can make sure to clear bench warrants or the person on the warrant without appearing to the misdemeanors and infractions. 

How to find out if you have a warrant?


#1 Local Records

When the person has to know whether he is issued a warrant or not, he/she can check local websites or state government official websites and see if they have any warrants.

#2 Circuit Court

When the person wants to make sure of the issuance of a warrant in their name, one can call their respective circuit court to enquire. 

#3 Bail Bondsman

A bail bondsman is one of the suitable persons to enquire about your warrant and also, has permission to check the database for the warrant.

#4 Police Department

One can also enquire with the police department as they shall have all the records of the locals if any warrant is issued.

Frequently Asked Questions:


#1 Who can clear a warrant?

When the person is issued with a bench warrant, the lawyer representing the victim can visit the court and clear the issue for which the warrant was issued by the judge. This may or may not involve the person for whom the warrant was issued.

#2 Who can clear a warrant?

It mainly depends on what warrant you are issued with. If the warrant is issued for criminal activity, the person must appear to resolve the issue in court. If it is a bench warrant, a lawyer repenting the person can attend the court and resolve it.

#3 How many types of warrants?

There are a few warrants that are issued by the judge such as arrest warrants, search warrants, and execution warrants. It doesn’t matter what the warrant is, one has to make sure to abide by the law and act as guided by it.

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A lawyer is capable of clearing the warrants that are assigned to you. Warrants issued by the court for felony activities shall not be cleared and the person must visit the court. Hope this article has helped our readers in understanding can a lawyer clear a warrant and how to clear a bench warrant.

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