How Often Are Felony Charges Dropped?

Conviction of a felony is a serious crime and no court allows the criminals to escape from the punishment no matter what the circumstances. It is also an offense if the victim rejects the decision of the court even after being proven guilty and if not accepted, he/she shall face more fines and punishments related to it. However, the question of how often are felony charges dropped has always had its seat in our minds.

When a person’s life is affected by all the procedures and fines of the courts, they often plead for getting felony charges dropped. “How can a felony charge be dropped” has been a query or confusion for everyone who has been in a felony case or related to it. Now, the time has come to address the question with more details about the topic.

Hence, we have come up with an article mentioning solutions for all the queries that are related to felony charges dropped. In this article, we shall see how to get a felony charge to drop in detail. Then what are we waiting for?  Let’s begin our journey!!

What are felony charges?


When a person has committed an activity that includes an element of violence will have to suffer the consequences in front of the justice court and law orders. A felony charge is nothing but a person who s entitled to pay or carry on with punishments for a specified period. This may also include one or more years of imprisonment or sometimes a lifetime.

What do you mean by felony charges dropped?


When a case is filed in court against the first party to get justice, the prosecutor may find the case with no evidence to prove the person wrong, and hence he/she might drop the charges. This means the prosecutor shall take back their case against the person making them free of all charges. No records shall show that he/she was in a felony act and nothing will affect their personal life.

How often are felony charges dropped?


In many cases, the defendant tries to prove that the case filed against him does not stand on the ground of support or any proof that can back up the case. There are several felony cases where the charges are dropped due to the below-mentioned causes.

#1 Insufficient evidence

Any case can be dropped immediately if the prosecutor proves that the case is supported by no evidence or not strong enough for the crime committed. After filing a case, if such actions are proven, one can apply for the motion of case dismissal.

#2 Agreed to cooperate

When a case is filed the authorities go deep into the details and find the root cause of it. At this time, if the defendant agrees to cooperate with the authorities in finding other criminal activities, they might agree with your prosecutor and make a deal to drop the charges to work with them.

#3 Insufficient resources

As there are several felony cases in the city, the attorney keeps working on every one of them to prove them guilty or innocent. Hence all the resources are allocated to the cases which are running strong but many minor cases might not get much of the resource and can end up with insufficient evidence. 

#4 Protection of rights

During an investigation, police and lawyers must practice a professional way to search for evidence and must not break any rules or try to obtain any evidence illegally. This also includes protecting the rights of the defendant and if any such instances are seen during the case then the prosecutor can present the same in front of the court and ask for a motion of case dismissal.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1 What are fourth amendment violations?

Fourth amendment violation protects people from illegal searches or unlawful evidence from investigators and police. This amendment protects citizens from being falsely accused of a crime.

#2 What do dropping charges mean?

When a person is accused of criminal activity, he/she shall be investigated and decided in court whether they are guilty or not. However, in some cases, insufficient evidence or illegally collecting evidence shall make way for dropping the charges of the defendant.

#3 What are the procedural issues in a felony case?

While interrogating a person who is accused of a crime, police, and lawyers must make sure that they follow a strict procedure as per the law and also should be aware of the rights of the individual which is very essential in a felony case.

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A person needs to know how often are felony charges dropped so that he/she can work the way toward it. Hope our readers enjoy reading this article and gain as much knowledge as possible. When following such a procedure getting felony charges dropped is a very easy task.

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