How Often Do Felonies Get Reduced?

Looking at the world today, it is no doubt that there are several different types of felony cases that are happening every day, which may or may not come to light. However, nations are truly trying to eradicate such mishappening or criminal activities by introducing many laws, regulations, and punishments. Understanding the gravity of the crime one question comes to our mind which is how often do felonies get reduced.

How to reduce a felony charge has always created tension in every prosecutor’s mind and has been a big challenge to get the charges reduced. When a person wonders how can I get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor, then he/she should always contact their lawyers for better guidance. However, before contacting their lawyers the defendant must have some knowledge about what exactly reducing the felony charges is.

Hence, to cover our main topic of today, how can felony charges be reduced, we have prepared an article that might help our readers to get educated on this respective topic. Here, we shall see can a felony be reduced in detail. Then, why wait? Let’s get going!!

What do you mean by reducing a felony?


As we all know that many felony charges are convicted for which the criminals shall get punished for a year or more. However, there are some acts that can be reduced to a misdemeanor. Though it is not easy, it is possible to reduce your or your clients’ punishments a little less than before.

This process is applied for only some of the cases such as class C and sometimes class B cases. Reducing the felony is even possible after the criminal is punished and serving his/her jail time or even a year after the conviction.

Benefits of reducing the felony


Instead of retaining the felony case as it is, reducing the felony to a misdemeanor can provide several benefits to the convicted. Reduction of felonies is very important for those people who are not able to get an expunge of their records. Instead of expunging the records, one can easily apply for a misdemeanor to reduce the felony case and charges.

How often do felonies get reduced?


A felony case is a serious criminal activity for which the punishment can be one or more years of imprisonment or any other punishment. However, there are stages in felony cases where it either can be converted or reduced to a misdemeanor. There are several cases such as class B and class C type of felony cases which are eligible for felony reduction.

Some of the cases that are often reduced to a misdemeanor are –

#1 Hit and Run case

As the name itself indicates, it’s a road accident case where a person hits another vehicle on the road and runs away without helping the people who are affected by them. Such cases can be reduced to misdemeanors.

#2 Driving with no or canceled license

When a person is caught driving a motor vehicle even though the license of the driver driving the vehicle is canceled or suspended due to some other illegal activities. This may be considered a felony case but can be reduced when petitioned.

#3 Driving a stolen vehicle

Driving a stolen vehicle is a serious crime and is considered a felony case. A person not having proper documents of the driving vehicle may face felony charges but can be reduced to a misdemeanor in court.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 What are Class B felonies?

Class B felonies are some of the most dangerous crimes convicted by people and are considered felony cases. This may include burglary, theft, armed robbery, murder, and volunteer manslaughter.

#2 What is Misdemeanour?

Misdemeanour is also a criminal activity but with fewer charges compared to a felony act. Some examples of Misdemeanours are

  • Tampering with evidence
  • Shoplifting
  • Getting drunk in public
  • Vehicle registration fraud

#3 What is a Felony case?

There are many types of criminal cases which have different classes and methods to evaluate the punishments. Felony cases can be said to those which include an element of violence such as murder, theft, child abuse, murder attempt, and so on.

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People always wonder how often do felonies get reduced and we hope that we have brought a solution to your question. The answer to how to reduce a felony charge has always been easy and one can make this happen by going through this article. Hope our readers enjoyed reading the article and benefited from this topic.

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