How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Felonies?

Felony cases are severe cases because if you are proven guilty, you need to pay hefty fines. Sometimes you need to spend a long time in jail. Even when you haven’t committed anything wrong, a felony charge can prove fatal, as the average cost of a lawyer for a felony is very high.

You would have heard from your pals and relatives and have a rough idea about how much do lawyers charge for felonies. Do a little research before hiring a lawyer to fight your felony case. Information is wealth, and armoring yourself with necessary information would save you a few dollars.

How much do lawyers charge for felonies?


A criminal defense attorney will charge you somewhere between $10,000 to $20,000. The cost to defend a felony case may vary depending on the case complexity, attorney experience, and where you reside. A felony case requires multiple court visits and extra preparation. So the lawyer will charge you a higher fee.

Factors that affect the attorney cost in felony cases


#1. The complexity of the Lawsuit

If you have committed a serious offense, the punishment for the same would be more. It answers half of your question How much does a lawyer cost for a felony? 

It is hard to prove innocent in a felony case. Your lawyer needs to seek the assistance of a pathologist, investigator, or expert witness to prove your case. Therefore, the cost of defending a felony case is high. 

#2. Nature of crime

A traffic charge will not be given the same weightage as manslaughter. Murder is a more severe type of offense than any misdemeanor or drunken driving case. Depending on the gravity of the crime, the lawyer will need time to research to save you from a jail sentence.

#3. Skill and experience of the lawyer

When you hire an experienced lawyer, the success rate is high. You need to hire an experienced lawyer for severe crimes like felonies. So lawyer fees for a felony case are more than for ordinary crimes. A lawyer with 30 years of experience will charge you more than a lawyer with 5 or 10 years of experience.

#4. The case goes to trial


If your case goes to trial, the defense attorney fee will go high. Pray that your case should get over a simple bargain. You would have to pay less compared to when it goes for trial.

Negotiations will consume much of your time, but a case that goes to trial also takes more time. However, for a trial case, your lawyer needs in-depth preparation and brings experts and witnesses to win the case. The lawyer fees will also be high.

#5. Lawyer’s fees

Lawyer fees for felony cases are high, considering the nature of the crime and extra court visits. Some defense attorneys charge you per hour, while some charge a fixed amount. The lawyer fee depends on the prosecutors too. 

Your defense attorney may be talented and can make negotiations easily. However, the prosecutors also have a style that is equally good as your lawyer. Your lawyer may ask for retainers in such cases. 

The hourly rate of defense attorneys ranges between $100 and $350. Some lawyers may give you an up-front quote that is very comfortable for you. In such a case, you know for sure how much does a lawyer cost for a felony charge? You can pay according to your convenience as the lawyers provide comfortable payment options

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Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the retainer amount for felony cases? 

The retainer amount for any felony cases can be $5000 to $15,000. It depends on some factors such as the complexity of the Lawsuit, the nature of the crime, and the skills &  experience of the lawyer.

What are the factors affecting a lawyer’s bill in felony cases? 

The effort and time the lawyer puts in, the case complexity, state of residence, incentives, and discounts.



Lawyer fees for felony cases are high as it involves manslaughter or drunken driving cases. You should know the factors affecting lawyer fees for defending a felony case. The above write-up will throw necessary insight into the facets and the average cost of a lawyer for felony cases.

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