Can You Leave The State With A Pending Felony Charge?

Today the world is growing rapidly in every way possible within a short period. Countries are developing new and new technologies every day to help people in every way possible. Things that were barely thoughtful in the 80s and 90s have become an easy task in today’s time.

Yet, one of the most common things which have also increased the crime rate in the countries. There are thousands of people who are filed with felony charges and there hundreds of questions arise in one head. One of them is can you leave the state with a pending felony charge? Many people don’t know what a felony is.

Hence, keeping this in mind, we have prepared an article by researching rigorously and have come up with the answers to the question can you travel with a pending felony charge? Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s move ahead and know more.

What is a felony charge?


A felony can be defined as a serious crime that is performed on a person which can lead to imprisonment for one year or longer. A crime involving violence is considered a felony act that can be dangerous and harmful to society. This type of crime may also include first-degree murder, drug crimes, theft, and so on.

Felony charges are very serious punishable crimes that can lead to life imprisonment. The charges that have to be pressed under the case are decided by the court or federal government of the state.

Can you leave the state with a pending felony charge?


The answer is no. Any person cannot move out of the state while they have been convicted of a felony crime and are under investigation. A felony crime is seriously very dangerous and he/she shall be asked to stay within a limited boundary of the jurisdiction of where they live. They carry serious travel restrictions for the person and are under surveillance until they are proven innocent.

If such actions of leaving the state come to the notice of the federal court, he/she shall be issued with a warrant of immediate arrest and further actions will be taken. The felony case files shall be handed over to the FBI where each case is deeply investigated and the punishment might get doubled because of violating court orders.

Most common types of felony charges


Four types of felony charges are convicted that are common and seen often in big cities.

#1 Drug crimes 

Drug trafficking is one of the most dangerous crimes on the list and can have been punished for many years. Drug crimes also include money laundering, the sale of drugs, possession, manufacturing, or cultivating drugs or distribution.

#2 Theft

Theft is a very common case that is seen these days but theft can only be considered a felony charge if the stolen item or money exceeds $1000 and only then the felony charges can be pressed against the victim.

#3 Sex Crimes

There are many types of sex crimes but only a few are considered felony crimes which are child pornography, sexual assault, child molestation, sexual commit with a minor, and many more.

#4 Violent crimes

As the name itself specifies that the crimes that include an element of violence that is murder, rape, manslaughter, the attempt of rape or murder, and mayhem. These are some of the violent acts that are commonly seen in societies.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Which act is considered a felony charge?

Act of violence includes sexual assault, robbery, attempt to rape or murder, drug trafficking, murder, and so on. Many crimes are considered felony charges which depict an element of violence which are dangerous to the society around you.

#2 How long should I stay in the state with a pending felony charge?

Any person who has committed a felony crime shall have to stay within the set boundaries by the federal court. This may have to be done until the case is resolved and proven innocent or until the punishments are allowed. 

#3 Can felony charges be dismissed?

Any felony charges can be dropped by the lawyers of the complaining party as they see that there is not enough evidence to prove the victim guilty. Hence, the case can only be dropped before starting the trial.

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In short, you must know that leaving the state while having pending felony charges is a crime and can be punished. Hope this article has educated our readers on the question can you leave the state with pending felony charges or can you travel with a pending felony charge?

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