Can A Minor Be Charged With A Felony?

It is often seen in many nations that felony acts are at a very high rate although countries are trying continuously to put an end to it. A felony is a criminal activity that includes an element of violence and attempts to kill someone. Though we all know that adults can be charged with a felony but can a minor be charged with a felony?

This question has always occurred in our minds, but we were not able to find a proper answer. Felony acts are considered to be some of the most dangerous and serious criminal activities and every one of us must have a basic knowledge of what it is and can minor be charged with a felony. The answer to the question, can you get a felony as a minor is very easy and interesting and we are here to help you out.  

To help our readers, we have come up with an article for all the questions that can arise regarding felony as a minor. In this article, we shall see the answers to questions such as can a juvenile be charged with a felony and many other topics in detail.

Then, what is the wait for? Let us begin our search for answers!

A brief note on what is a felony?

Any criminal activity which includes an act of violence to any other party is considered to be a felony. Some examples are Murder, sexual assault, child abuse, murder attempt, and many more. These felonies are of different classes for which the punishments shall be decided by the court.

The defender can try to prove his/her innocence in the case through a prosecutor. If the evidence did not provide enough clarity on the case, the person shall be sentenced to an improvement of one or more years. These later can also be reduced to misdemeanors, if the case is eligible for a reduction. 

Can a minor be charged with a felony?


When it comes to the conviction of a felony, age is just a number even in the case of a minor. The case is still treated as a felony no matter whether the person belongs to a minor or a major. However, the punishments may differ based on the class of felony and the age of the person convicted.  

Any minor under the age of 18 who is charged with a felony will have to go through the process with a juvenile court. For any case related to a person who is between 15 and 17, the court decides whether to move the case from juvenile court to adult court or not. 

The punishments may also differ based on the conviction of the felony and the court shall decide whether the minor is a youthful offender or not. In many minor cases, the person is below the age of 14. If the prosecutor requests for confidential conduct of the court, the court may grant the permission, and later it might also allow erasing the records of the case when the person becomes an adult.

Frequently Asked Questions


At what age can a child be charged with a crime?

Every different nation has its own rules regarding minor crimes. For example, according to the Indian penal code, it is not considered an offense if the criminal is found to be under the age of seven. Hence, there are different rules and regulations for minors age as per different countries.

What does juvenile crime mean?

When a child or a minor convicts any felony or a crime then this act of violence is called a juvenile crime. A person under the age of 18 who is charged with a felony has to go through juvenile court.

Can a minor under 18 be prosecuted?

The answer is yes, when a minor is convicted of a felony then the police can arrest the child under 18 and take them to safe custody. Later the court shall decide whether to transfer the case to the adult court depending on his/her mental and physical capacity.

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Any minor-aged offender can be charged with a felony based on their age and the calls of the felony it lies in. There are several ways where the person can be investigated and punished according to their age, and mental and physical capacity. Hope, we successfully delivered you the answers to the question of can a minor be charged with a felony or can you get a felony as a minor

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