Can You Just Get Probation For A Felony?

In any state, a felony case is a serious crime and one can be punished based on the state’s rules and regulations. Commonly any person who has been convicted of a felony shall be punished with imprisonment for a year or more than one year. Many people who have been convicted of a felony often wonder can you just get probation for a felony. 

The question of whether is it possible to get probation for a felony has been in our minds for a long time, and though it is a common question to have an answer for the same. For a person who doesn’t want to get imprisoned and wants to be free, probation is the one that the person wants to get. However, still many don’t know much about probation and how long is probation for.

Hence, here we are with a solution for the question can you get probation for a felony? Let us know in detail what probation is and how it is benefited people who have been convicted of a felony. Come on. Let’s see it in detail.

What do you mean by felony probation? 


When a person has committed a felony, he/she will be punished by the court for the offensive act. However, in many cases, this punishment can be reduced and made free for the accused one, which means that the person must undergo a period where he/she shall be under probation. 

The probation period is nothing but rather than a person serving in the prison, they shall be set out freely by making them agree to terms and conditions. One of the main conditions of this probation period will be that the person should not leave the country under any circumstances and will be under surveillance all the time. 

The freedom to move inside the country is provided to them unless the convicted person violates the terms and conditions set by the court. If done so, he/she shall be sent back to prison to serve his period inside the jail.

Can you just get probation for a felony?


Compared to other criminal activities, a felony is one of the most dangerous and serious criminal offenses. The court do not take it lightly. Hence, before granting probation to the person who has been convicted of a felony they shall dig deep into the case and make sure that if the decision is probation instead of prison time, he/she shall abide by it at any cost.


Even a slight mishappening in behaving or acting then they shall be sent back to prison to complete their period. There are several cases where a felony can get probation and it is done by checking the following records.

  • Criminal record of the person.
  • The gravity of the crime and situation
  • Any financial injuries or losses are at risk 
  • If a weapon was involved
  • If you have any dependents or you the backbone of the family ( Family background)
  • Agreeing to terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 What is the use of probation for a felony?

When the person is convicted of a felony he/she must get a punishment of imprisonment but the probation period can give them freedom o roam the country, agreeing on some of the terms and conditions mentioned by the court.

#2 how long does the probation last?

When a person has petitioned for probation, the court shall go through their criminal records and their behavior and decide to provide probation. This period of probation may last for four to five years or the rest of the period that is pending in the punishment.

#3 When can a court grant probation for the offender?

When a person has been found guilty of his act but the criminal offense performed by them is not punishable with imprisonment or death. Then the court shall offer a probation period for the offender so that he/she roams free but under terms and conditions.

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Though there are many cases for which the court might find, it difficult to provide probation but some of the cases can enjoy this benefit. Can you get probation for a felony or can I get probation for a felony is one of many common questions we come across every day and we hope that the search for the answer ends here for our readers.

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