When Does A Power Of Attorney Expire?

When it comes to writing our last wills, we also tend to make sure to put someone in charge after we are unable to look after or make decisions that are right for the growth or sustainability of the properties. There are two ways which are guardianship and power of attorney through which a person can make sure his/her properties are safeguarded. Now, when thinking about power of attorney, when does a power of attorney expire?

Well, that’s the question that one must be asking these days before handing over the entire power to control the properties to a power of attorney. Knowing does power of attorney expire or the power of attorney expiration date will help us to make arrangements for the post’s expiration period. Now, are you wondering that even though we agree that this information is quite essential but where to know about this?

Then, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. We have prepared an article that includes detailed information about do POA expire and if it does when does power of attorney expire. Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!!

When Does A Power Of Attorney Expire?


A power of attorney will be appointed for a specific purpose or for a short period in which the real owner or the grantor may not be able to take any decisions related to his/her properties, financial matters, bills, and so on. Hence, to cover all these factors, a power of attorney is created to fulfill the necessities in the absence of the owner. 

There are three reasons why a power of attorney may expire. 


  • When the grantor is no more
  • When it is revoked 
  • When it is written in the document

When the grantor of the power is the owner of the properties and finances, if he/she is dead, the power granted to the power of attorney may no longer be void. Power of attorney can not have any rights over the grantor’s properties for further periods. 

The grantor can revoke the powers that have been granted to the agent when he/she goes beyond the mentioned/specified rules, breaches contract terms, and mismanagement the agent are some of the reasons why the principal can revoke the powers.


Before preparing the document of the power of attorney, consider everything from rules and regulations to terms of the policies and expiry date of the power. For example, if the grantor is going on an international trip and he/she doesn’t want to worry about the properties here for a year, they shall appoint a power of attorney for just one year. When the policy expires, all the rights are restored to the grantor.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 How much time is a power of attorney valid?

Any power of attorney has the rights over the properties of the grantor until he/she is alive. Even when the power of attorney is revoked or until mentioned in the document the power of attorney can practice their rights regarding any financial matters. 

#2 Can power of attorney be canceled?

Yes, the principal can revoke the rights given to the power of attorney at any point in time. When the rules or the terms of the document are breached, he/she can terminate the agreement and restore all the rights of the properties or the financial decision into their own hands.

#3 Can a power of attorney sell a property?

The answer is no. Unless and until there are no specific instructions given in the document of any special rights to the power attorney, he/she cannot sell any asset that belongs to the grantor. This may lead to a breach of terms if the property is sold without the knowledge of the grantor.

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One must be aware of the power of attorney expiration date so that the grantor can take over all the rights and continue his duty as the owner of the properties without any delay. Hope all our readers now know when does a power of attorney expire.

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