How to become a Medical Lawyer?

The medical field is as complex as the legal field. Both have many intricacies that make people difficult to understand. Their work is commendable when they appear for victims of the negligent work of medical caregivers. The medical lawyers become the voice of the victims restoring their right to quality health care or damages for the injury suffered. 

If you are interested in becoming one and are asking yourself, “how to become a medical lawyer?” Read this write-up to understand the qualifications to become a medico lawyer.

How to become a Medical lawyer? Or a Medico-legal lawyer?


To become a medical lawyer, you need to get a Juris Doctor degree within two years for basic positions and 5 to 10 years of experience for top-level positions. A medico-legal lawyer should know both law and the medical field. They should have experience working in the healthcare industry. 


These lawyers concentrate on cases where the patients were ill-treated, misused patient information, or the medical practitioners prescribed the wrong medicine. A medical lawyer is otherwise known as a medical attorney or healthcare lawyer. Such a lawyer can earn up to $1,44,230 per year.

How to become a Medical Malpractice LawyerDetailed steps:


#1. Obtain a degree in any field

To get into any law college, you must have a degree in any discipline. The degree you have may be in politics, government, or economics. The healthcare lawyer should have problem-solving, interpersonal, and research skills. 

Choose a field related to the above skills that will take you closer to Law College without much difficulty. Courses such as pre-law, health policy, and biology will help you get the medico-legal study effortlessly. Such students have to pass exams relating to health studies too.

#2. You should write the LSAT exam 

Only a bachelor’s degree can’t get you into a law college. To join a law college, you must pass the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). This exam tests your reading, analytical and logical reasoning skills and happens four times a year. The internet is an enormous reservoir of study materials, guides, and tests that help you prepare for the exam. 

#3. Fill out the application form

This is the third step in “How do you become a medical lawyer. Once you finish the LSAT exam, apply to the law college of your choice. You have put in the optimum effort to get into a good law college. 


The legal profession is a competitive field, and so is admission to the law college. Your academic achievements and prior work experience in the related field are a plus. So you should add this along with the application.

#4. Complete a law degree

Once you enter law college, you need to work towards earning a medical Juris degree. While searching for information about the medico-legal degree, students must have doubts about how long it takes to become a medical lawyer. It is usually a 3 to 4-year course where you will enrich your knowledge of constitutional law, criminal law, and property law during the first year. 

The students can choose medical research ethics, medical administration, and bio-medical law in the next two years. You may also get opportunities to work or a judicial internship while in the course. You need to have a license to practice as a medical lawyer. If you pass a bar exam and professional responsibility exam, you can start practicing as a medical lawyer.

#5. Get a Master’s degree: 

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree in health care law to better your prospects in the medico-legal field. This course is a combination of legal subjects and science.

These are the qualification required for medical lawyer requirements

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I choose elective subjects in my law course? 

Yes, you can choose an elective subject relating to the field you wish to practice. For example, if you want to become a medico lawyer, take health-related electives to pursue a career in that field.

What does a medico-legal lawyer do? 

He appears on behalf of patients who suffer due to negligent medical practitioners. They may also advise health professionals in cases involving legal complications.

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These points explain how do you become a medical lawyer. You must hold a degree to apply to the law college and have logical reasoning and other skills to pass the LSAT test to enter a law college. If you harbor doubts like “how many years to become a medical lawyer, it is 3 or 4 years. It is always advisable to join an internship course while doing the law course to earn extra qualifications to practice as a health lawyer

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