What Felonies Cannot Be Expunged? 

Though there are many advanced technological nations around the world, there are many criminal activities that are unstoppable. Many cases get registered in the court every day and at the same time, hundreds of cases get justice or punished. In this, many felony cases are seen commonly which can be theft, robbery, murder, sexual assault, and many more.

To stop these crimes, we must educate ourselves about the acts and policies that the government is introducing these days. At the least, we should have basic knowledge such as what felonies cannot be expunged or what charges cannot be expunged, and so on. There is a list of felonies that cannot be expunged and many of us are unaware of it.

Being a responsible citizen of the country, one must be aware of what crimes cannot be expunged. A person needs to know about felony cases and their do’s and don’ts. Hence, to make our readers informative and educated, we have come up with an article about the most important topics in felony cases. 

Are you excited to read it? Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. Before moving to our main topic, let us have a peek at why expungement is necessary.

What felonies cannot be expunged?


In many countries, people having criminal records may not have opportunities similar to normal citizens and may get forbidden from many places. This might affect their personal life and will not have any opportunity to move on from their past life. Though the person has received the punishment for what he/she has been convicted of, in the local database their criminal files will still appear.

Hence to eradicate these process, felonies were introduced. Based on the type of crimes the person has executed, the court decides whether to expunge a criminal record or not. Deleting these records permanently will help them to go for higher studies or get a residence or become a government employee and many more. 

However, not all records are expunged which can make criminals free from their activities and can be dangerous.

Though crimes can be expunged if the person provides a petition but some felonies cannot be expunged for the safety of society. Felonies involving elements of violence, sexual adult, child abuse, terrorism, kidnapping, murder or death of a person, and severe injury are some of the felonies where the records cannot are expunged. 

These activities deal with a person’s life or the seriousness of the danger is too high and cannot be given a chance of expunging the records. Hence, there are only a few felonies that can be expunged and this is decided based on the case and the specifics of the person’s charges, and the presence of conviction.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1 Can all felonies get expunged from the records?

No, not all felony records can be expunged. When a person requests the expunging of his/her records from the database, the court decides to accept or reject the request based on the case and the punishment he/she has served. There are lists of cases where expunging of the records is not possible.

#2 What are the crimes that cannot be expunged?

The person involved in murder, the death of a person, kidnapping, sexual assault, child abuse or pornography, terrorism, and causing severe injury are some of the felonies that cannot be expunged even if the person persons for it.

#3 What is the use of expunged records?

Expunging records can help an individual to move on with his/her life, especially as they will get the chance of participating in voting in many countries. Many countries won’t allow the person to have their residence or to get higher education when they are with criminal records. Expunging these activities seems very easy for people without having to live by it.

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Expunging the records is one of the benefits given to people to pursue their dreams without stopping them. Hope our readers were educated on the question of what felonies cannot be expunged and what charges cannot be expunged.

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