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In a competitive time like the present, it is very hard to sustain on our own when the people around us are trying to grow by hook or crook. It has become a basic necessity to hire an attorney for our day-to-day activities and guidance from them in every stage of life. However, it is very hard to find a suitable attorney due to a lack of skills and knowledge.

Though there are thousands of attorneys today in big cities, there are only a few attorneys who can do for their profession by working hard day and night, focusing on the betterment of the client. One of the names which are heard frequently when it comes to hiring an attorney is none other than Jessica Millage Attorney.

Jessica Millage is one of the brightest stars working towards the progress of the country and it’s clients from day one of the bar. Being an attorney who has been setting new and new heights in their profession is not a simple job to carry on for a long time.  However, Jessica Millage Attorney has been doing wonders by being a role model for thousands of young attorneys who are finding their way up in this field of profession.

Isn’t that exciting to know about a single person who is capable of being the most adored attorney when compared to others? Hence, to know more about our growing star, we have created an article in which we shall see some of the detailed information, achievements, and qualities of Jessica Millage Attorney

Then, what is the wait for? Come on, Let’s get going!!

Who is Jessica Millage Attorney? and everything about her? 


Jessica Ann Millage, one of the top attorneys, is practicing law successfully in the state called Lowa in the US. Being an attorney for 18 whole years, she has been practicing since 2004. We should always select someone who can represent us in any difficult stage and a flexible attorney who is willing to go the extra mile. Jessica Millaga is one of them.

Jessica Millage Attorney now works at one of the finest institutions Flanagan Law Group, PPL as a senior associate. The profile itself clearly indicates that being a senior associate is no joke at Flanagan Law group and she has made her way by working hard and never letting her dream of being an attorney ever.



Jessica Mileage has always been a proactive student who was always eager to learn new things which made her the strong and confident person she is now. From the year 1997 – 2001, Jessica Millage studied at Grand View College and got a Bachelor of Arts in political science. She also visited the Drake University of Law School from the year 2011 – 2004 and was one of the best law students in the university. 

Being a Law student, she always believed in providing justice for those who are in need of it and playing by the rules to eradicate unlawful practices in the city. The main aim of an attorney must not only be to improve others but also to develop oneself by constantly knowing what is happening in the world. Jessica Millage has never failed to be one of them.

Carrier and Experience 


When a person is indeed a lawyer, he/she always looks for a better educated and experienced lawyer who can guide the person to be more careful and safe in difficult situations. It mainly helps them to make themselves independent financially and emotionally when they are supported by a strong attorney. Hence, to be an experienced and well-professional lawyer is a big responsibility that Jessica Millage Attorney is carrying out outstandingly.

As she was one of the confident and well-educated students, every company was ready to offer an opportunity to grow and the Youth law center was the first to come forth. For four years (2005 – 2009), an attorney in child welfare litigation, Jessica Millage worked hard and made herself more ethical and strong in every aspect possible. Later she found opportunities to grow and worked in various companies which allowed her to be flexible in every field of law.

Some of the other companies she was placed with are

  • 2009 – 2012
    Sporer and Flanagan
    Des Moines, Lowa
    Civil litigation, Family law, Appellate
  • 2012 – 2018
    Millage Law Firm, PC
  • 2018 – 2021
    Cordell and Cordell
    Senior Litigation Counsel
    Des Moines, Lowa
  • 2021 – till date
    Flanagan Law Group, PLLC
    Des Moines, Lowa, United States
    Practicing primarily in domestic litigation and criminal defense.

Though it has been a long ride, Jessica always used the opportunity to earn more and more and got knowledge from each case she worked on. She is also very socially conscious and she keeps herself busy with all the activities going on every day.

Areas of Law Practice


It is very important to work in every area possible to be the best attorney in the city as people always look for a better-known person than a fresher in the field. Working in different areas provides collective knowledge on how to act in different and difficult situations. As the saying goes, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Hence keep this in mind Jessica Millage took all the opportunities she got in her way and worked hard to be where she is today. Some of the areas she worked in are.

#1 Divorce and Family Law

It’s a process where the termination of marriage takes place and where one decides what to do next in terms of financial and children’s future with the help of an attorney.

#2 Child Support

It is related to the child’s living expenses when the parents are no longer with each other and the financial status of the child.

#3 Child Custody

Child custody is nothing but an attorney helping the parents to decide the children’s future after the separation of the parents.

#4 Criminal Defense

A person charged with criminal activities of various types must be cross-examined by the attorneys and he/she must be specialized in it.

#5 Business Law

Business law which is also called trade law related to the rights and relations of a person’s business of any type.

#6 General Practices

It is one of the most important law practices where it does not limit the practitioner to one particular area and gives a wider experience of cases.

Active Social Media Participant

Jessica Millage has always found time to participate in social media conversations where she has to raise her voice for justice. It is always found that unless you speak up for the wellness of the nation, it doesn’t make any difference in the old practices. Knowing this, she had always found time to fight for the right decisions which can help millions of people. 

It is the right and responsibility of well-educated people practicing law to be the voice of undereducated people. As a political science student, Jessica Millage did not wish to lose this opportunity to date. Being an attorney, it is also essential for her to indulge herself in the happenings of the city and learn more about the changing law of the country.

Her tweets are one of the most liked and retweeted by many people as they find her to be the most interesting and valuable person. It makes her the best attorney and the right person to fight for us or represent us in matters of law and order.

Qualities Jessica Millage Attorney owns and believes in the following skills


#1 Good communication skills

She is one of the best communicators when it comes to communicating between two parties. The attorney needs to make sure that both parties must end their rival as early as possible before it reaches its heights of rivalry. Hence, being the best attorney, Jessica Millage Attorney has always ended a case with less trouble and difficulty.

#2 Judgement skills

Jessica believes that sometimes during a case the attorney must be capable of making the right decisions over a topic and must be able to take risks too. This helps the clients to trust the attorneys with more confidence and will be able to share their worries and sometimes information which can help the case to settle as soon as possible.

#3 People skills

Not only education but also knowledge about the law can indeed help you to deal with the people that are going through stress and pain because of the charges against them. An attorney with good people skills can make sure to calm them down and help them to be more strong and confident to win the case and Jessica Millage Attorney can surely do that with no doubt.

#4 Research skills

Winning a case is not an easy task and only an attorney who works hard for son cases knows the difficulty. Jessica has been one of the top people whose case has always been on the winning side and she believes that its cause of the research skill she developed throughout the journey of her carrier.

#5 Creativity

There are some cases of criminal activities in which going through a single path or working in the same method might not lead you to the success you wish for. Jessica has always known this truth. Sometimes the attorney must be creative enough to present the case in such a way that the jury can make the decisions with no doubts.

How to Contact Jessica Millage Attorney?


Address: 108 3rd Street, Suite 300, Des Moines, IA 50309.

Phone: 515-244-5575 / 515-724-5990




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Wrapping up!!


It is a fact that we as common people might not be able to fight for ourselves every time we find ourselves in difficulty and the best attorney can be a boon to us. An attorney like Jessica Millage Attorney can be a dream come true because the person might not be worried about anything when such attorneys are working on their case. Though there are people with high skills and education it’s not up to everyone who can practice law and be successful in their careers.

Luckily we have found our attorney who has been the both for decades and let us not waste this opportunity to hire the best. Then, what are you acting for? Call Jessica Millage Attorney today and book an appointment to get assistance from her in your case and be stress-free for life!!

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