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Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law: Everyone in this modern generation wants to be an owner of a luxurious car and wants to drive it everywhere by enjoying their time in it. Cars have become a basic necessity in today’s world and without this, transportation has become difficult and unimaginable. There are so many advantages to buying a car and also one of the smartest ways to save money in terms of transportation. 

Buying a car is too easy and fast these days, with speedy delivery, you can have your car in front of your home within hours. However, protecting it and us from the accidents happening in today’s life is quite a difficult task. Every day we see thousands of accidents happening on the streets and due to these incidents, many suffer for their lives.

Two types of risks occur when any accidents take place, financial and emotional loss. Though emotional losses cannot be taken away from the family, one can help them with financial loss. To make this happen, one must be prepared for every challenge and risk that is yet to come. 

Are you wondering how someone can be prepared for everything in this busy life? Isn’t that something completely impossible or unimaginable? 

No, it is possible by just hiring the Personal Injury Attorney San Francisco Dolan Law. Isn’t that wonderful? There is a solution to make your after-accident life as easy and normal as before.

Do you want to know about San Francisco Dolan Law? Yes, then don’t worry, we understand your excitement to know more about this firm. Hence, here in this article, we shall see more about Dolan Law, the type of cases when to contact, and some of the other related topics. 

Then why waste time? Let us begin our journey.

Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law – Complete Guide


Who is Dolan Law?

One of the famous and ever-growing companies Dolan Law is a Law firm that started its journey in 1996 and has been showing outstanding performance in delivering justice to its clients. Dolan Law handles all the cases related to wrongful deaths, civil justice, employment law, business litigations, and mainly personal injuries. 

There are very few law firms who are willing to handle such difficult fields of cases, especially personal injuries. Dolan Law has been giving the world some of the most well-trained and experienced best car accident attorneys in the world. There is no doubt that Dolan Law firm is one of the top-rated law firms in the whole of San Francisco.

Every case in Dolan Law firm is treated well with dedication and utmost professionalism. All the attorneys in the firm are well trained in their fields and are well versed and trained in every kind of situation that can occur while handling a car accident case. Dolan Law believes in providing peace to the tensed clients and making sure that the clients are not bothered with the issue ever again in the future.

What do they do?

Dolan Law firm is a business entity formed by a group of 15 lawyers who are practicing law and working day and night to bring justice to their clients. Dolan Law is one of the best consultancies in terms of legal rights, civil justice, employment law, business litigations, and personal injuries by representing their clients in front of the law. For more than two decades Dolan Law has been fighting to safeguard the rights of employees, injured persons, wrongly accused clients, and many more.

In case of a car accident, the firm puts forth one of the best attorneys who can handle the case professionally. The lawyer who has been assigned will represent the injured person where he/she carefully examines the whole scenario. The attorney also handles all the matters related to the injury such as insurance claims, documentation, protecting rights, and financial crises due to the accident.

Types of cases by Dolan Law

Dolan Law firm handles many types of cases and we define them based on the severity of the case. Types of cases that Dolan Law handles are personal injury, wrongful deaths, civil justice, employment law, and business litigations. Come on, let us see them in detail.

#1 Personal Injury cases

San Francisco motorcycle accident attorney Dolan Law has fought and worked with various industries on personal injury cases and has won them successfully. Personal injury cases include auto accident cases such as car, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian accidents, and so on. Some of the personal accident cases that Dolan Law can handle are as mentioned below.

#2 Auto accident cases

Auto accident cases can be classified as those accidents where the victim is dead or injured very badly due to rash and negligent driving of the other party. When such incidents happen, the victim is suffering from an emotional loss of losing a life and financial loss. To fight for that victim’s family, Dolan Law attorneys can be hired and in no time justice will be provided.

#3 Employment cases

When any employee suffers from discrimination of wage, safeness in work, racial discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment, Dolan Law attorneys fight for their protection of rights by pressing charges on the employers or the staff around them. Such matters are very sensitive and one must be capable of handling such cases.

There is no other company in San Francisco that can handle more dedicatedly and sensitively than any other in the country.

#4 Civil cases

Civil cases are one of the most difficult cases when compared to others and one must be able to work day and night to win such cases. They are nothing but cases between two parties which can be any institution or an individual. The complaint is raised against the other party for harming the victim through their actions. 

Civil cases are generally a conflict over money between two people and this is solved by filing a complaint against the other party. Thus, an experienced Dolan Law attorney is very much needed in such cases to protect the rights of the victim.

#5 Business Litigations

These types of cases are generally between two companies or between the company and the shareholders. Business litigation can be of any type such as partnership dispute, shareholder litigation, product liability case, personal injury claim, and breach of contract. Such incidents can lead to business litigations and complaints being raised to get justice against wrongful actions.

When to contact Dolan Law?

When an individual is met with a car accident it is very difficult for the injured person and the family to recover from the shock. However, these types of situations can be dealt with easily and with less stress and pain financially. Hence, hiring a Dolan Law attorney can make this happen easily without any issues.

The answer for when to contact Dolan Law is as soon as possible. Yes, you heard it right. Every single minute after a car accident is very essential the longer you wait to hire an attorney the more suffering of financial losses stretch. Right after the patient is medically treated, the first call must be to his attorney explaining the situation and asking them to act on it immediately. 

How to contact Dolan Law?

To make contacting Dolan Firm easier, the firm has made it easy to access for their clients by being present on every platform they find. The firm is also available 24/7 through calls and emails. The firm believes in serving the clients day and night as it understands the gravity of the situation the client has been through. 

Please note our contact information for your further reference and records.

Name – Dolan Law Firm PC


Address – 1438 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Contact number – 415-326-1910

Email – [email protected]

List Of Question To Ask Car Accident Lawyers?

An injured person needs to know what to ask their lawyers when they are met with accidents so that the process becomes easier and the rights of the injured person are intact. Are you wondering what are those questions that can make my life easier pro accident? Let us find out one by one.

#1 What should I do after a car accident?

It should be the first and foremost question that has to be put forth to a car accident lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law. Generally, the answer to the question is to receive medical treatment for the injured person or the family which is very essential than any other. 

#2 What information must I provide?

When any person is met with a car accident, he/she must be able to explain every scenario that took place on the field in front of their lawyers so that they can guide the victims better.

#3 How to protect my car accident case?

One of the important questions one must ask a car accident lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law. One can carry out this task by collecting the evidence from the scene and safely preserving it after the accident to submit to the court and insurer if necessary. He/she may also advise not to record any statement unless the lawyer has done their research on the case.

#4 How long will it take to resolve?

The injured person must be aware of the time that it might consumer to resolve the case and get justice. The longer the time it takes, the financial burden of the injured may increase and can be more difficult to get treated for their injuries.

#5 What is your way of approach to my case?

An injured or a victim of an accident has all the right to know what is the situation of the case and what must be done to it to make it as normal as before. Hence, he /she must know what the lawyer thinks about the case and his/her way of approaching the case.

Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

 It is very difficult for a person who has been in a car accident and has suffered a lot of pain mentally and physically to concentrate on all the other matters that have to be taken care of. In such a difficult time, a Dolan Law car accident attorney can make your life and situation much easier by providing every type of service related to your car accident case.

Hiring a car accident lawyer is the foremost thing one has to do as it can take a huge amount of burden off your head. A lawyer can take care of all the matters related to the accident such as the claim process, collecting evidence to prove the innocence of the client, and communicating with all the other parties injured and the hospital. This makes the patient focus on themselves and is stressed free resulting in a speedy recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Who is the best car accident lawyer?

There is no doubt that personal injury attorney San Francisco Dolan Law has been one of the top-rated law firms in the country. They have been working as law attorneys for more than two decades and have enough experience to make your life easier than before.

#2 When should I hire a car accident lawyer, before or after the accident?

It is very important to hire a car accident lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law immediately after the accident. It is very essential that every step that is taken after the accident is very crucial and must be guided well by a law attorney.

#3 Is it necessary to hire a lawyer after a car accident?

Though there is no rule that one must hire a car accident lawyer after an accident it is very necessary and advisable to hire a car accident lawyer for a much easier workflow.

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Till now we saw some of the important questions and information about a car accident lawyer or an attorney of Dolan Law firm and one must be aware of it. We hope this article has helped you in every way we expected. Then what are you waiting for? Hire the best San Francisco car accident lawyer today. Kindly contact the firm for more information. 

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