Hiring Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney – Complete Guide

In this busy world, everyone wants to take a break and involve themselves in adventurous sports which are one of the exciting parts of our lives. The word adventures itself makes our minds go crazy about the sports and the fun we are going to have in them. Especially when it comes to water sports, it is very hard to refuse. 

Though there are many types of water sports where any individual can have more fun than any other activity, there are also many possibilities of accidents or risks one cannot control. Thus, these adventure sports can be one of the reasons for Jet Ski Accidents. A jet ski is a watercraft or also known as a Jet scooter which is used on water and is considered a water sport.

Every year thousands of Jet Ski accidents are recorded in the country and can be very dangerous if not used properly. Many people suffering from Jet Ski accidents may not know how to overcome such incidents with the help of an attorney or Jet Ski accident lawyer who can help us to come out of the misery.

Are you one of those who have come across such incidents and want to find a solution through a Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney?

Then don’t worry, you are in the right place. In this article, we shall share some of the important information, benefits of hiring a Jet Ski accident lawyer, safety measures, causes, and so on. Here is a complete guide on what to do and what not to do without a Jet Ski accident attorney. 

Are you excited? Then what are we waiting for …let’s get skiing…!

Before starting our main topic, let us learn some of the safety rules. As they say, “prevention is better than cure,” it is very easy to follow rules than to suffer later with the consequences.

Guide for Hiring Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney


Jet Ski Safety Rules 


#1 Wearing a Watercraft helmet

It is highly advised to wear a helmet before driving a jet ski; especially under the age of 18, it is compulsory to wear a helmet to avoid huge injuries. A watercraft helmet protects your head if you fly off from the Jet Ski and fall in the water. This is very dangerous and can get hit by a rock if not wearing a helmet.

#2 Wearing a life jacket

Wearing a life jacket is very important while playing a water sport as it can make you live longer when accidents happen. Yes, you heard it right, letting you live longer means, it can make you float above the water.

When you feel it, a life jacket helps you to breathe easily without having to swim up from the water. Many states do not have a mandatory rule to wear a life jacket while skiing but it is highly recommended.

#3 Jet ski lift

Removing the Jet Ski from the water when not needed can also save our lives. When the Jet Ski is parked for a long time in the water at one place then the unwanted debris can hit the base of the Jet Ski and increase wear and tear. 

Marine life can also affect an unused jet ski by building up your PWC. To avoid all these unwanted risks we can use a Jet Ski lift and part it in a driver’s place in winter or rainy seasons.

#4 Don’t drink and drive 

When a person is drunk, it is very hard for him/her to make proper judgments and be conscious of their surroundings. Drink and driving is one of the main reasons of Jet Ski Accidents and can even lead to death.

#5 Maintenance of Jet Ski

It is important to give time for maintenance of your jet ski, just like using it to have fun. A well-maintained jet ski can last longer and may not give much of a problem. If not then engines might stop working in the middle of the water or the water may get flooded inside the systems of the Jet Ski. This can cause some serious accidents hence; make sure to check all the factors before moving into the water.

Causes/Reasons for Jet Ski Accidents

Let’s know some main causes or reasons that can lead to Jet Ski Accidents!!

Accidents are caused due to many reasons and one must be aware of what are those to avoid major damage to his/her life or the Jet Ski. Let us see them.

#1 Reckless driving

Many think that driving on water may not be as dangerous as on the road and it is safe to drive recklessly without any safety measures as it is just water. It is one of the biggest mistakes we make as every sport has its pros and cons. 

Accidents through Jet skis can cause major injuries and can even lead to death if not driven properly. All the signals or steps must be followed no matter what to avoid any accidents.

#2 Inexperience

Driver inexperience can also be a major factor in an accident as it is not easy to run the Jet Ski without proper training or experience. Driving at a high speed in high waves, sudden unwanted maneuvers, and unwanted and dangerous stunts are some of the Inexperience activities which can cause serious damage to your body.

#3 Intoxication

The sport itself is a stress-free game and an activity for vacationers which can easily lead to alcohol consumption. It is never safe to drink before operating a jet ski on water. As people are on vacation, feeling carefree is fine unless proper rules and safety measures are not followed.

If driven under alcohol consumption, it can cloud your judgment in difficult times and can be the cause of your Jet Ski accident.

What Can Be Injuries Due To Jet Ski Accidents?


While driving a heavy machine such as a jet ski one must be careful and has to be prepared for all the worst that can happen on the water. If the safety measures are not followed properly, the below-mentioned injuries can be seen

#1 Concussion

Jet skis are often used in the oceans for a wider area and can maneuver the machine easily. However, there are high and strong waves where the stick may not handle such water pressures and can get blown or hit to the head which can cause a concussion.

Symptoms of concussion are vomiting, memory loss, dizziness, and headaches. No timely treatment can be dangerous for the life of the person. 

#2 Whiplash

It is one of the most common injuries seen while using a jet ski and caused due to sudden unexpected movements. Waves are hitting the Jet Ski continuously and one must drive it at high speed to avoid a collision, die to this our body might jerk suddenly and can suffer from whiplash. 

Symptoms of Whiplash are ear bleeding, blurred vision, headaches, and inability to move your body.

#3 Fractures and Breaks

Moving at a High speed can lead to the o collision of water though it’s a liquid high-speed collision can cause some serious damage by hitting through rocks or debris inside the water resulting in sprains or fractures. Pain caused is unbearable though nothing permanent damage has been done to your body.

#4 Friction burns

Though you are safe and away from water damage, friction burns are common while riding a jet ski. Sudden movements or maneuvers can lead to contact with rubber handles or even a rope being rubbed against your skin. These types of injuries are treated very easily with just a first aid kit.

#5 Lacerations

This is caused when the soft skin of your body comes in contact with hard parts of the Jet Ski and can tear the skin. This can be in any size or shape and can be very painful and also, lead to discomfort, infections, or irritations if not treated properly.

How To Avoid Jet Ski Accidents?


There are many simple yet effective ways to avoid Jet Ski accidents and some of them are here below. Take a look at it.

#1 How to avoid Concussion?

Always drive the jet ski at the suggested speed so that even if any individual comes off the jet ski then he/she might not end up crashing their head on any hard substance. Always wear helmets to protect your heads from crashes or collisions.

#2 How to avoid Whiplash?

Riding a jet ski is not an easy task and that too at a higher speed. Turning the jet ski suddenly or doing a roll-off from the water can cause whiplash as well as can hit and hurt your neck directly. Make sure to focus on the throttle and not accelerate suddenly.

#3 How to avoid Fractures and Breaks?

A simple way to avoid Fractures of bones is to follow the rules and wear all the safety gadgets on the body such as helmets, knee caps, elbow caps, life jackets, and many other safety tools. 

#4 How to avoid Friction burn?

Wearing a full-body water suit can be the easiest method to save you from friction burns. When the body comes in contact with the hard parts of the Jet Ski, the cloth works as a shield to your skin. Wearing a full-hand blouse can also be a protective measure against friction burn.

#5 How to avoid Lacerations?

Alterations are similar to friction burns and wearing full body gear is enough to avoid Lacerations. To protect the abdomen and chest one can wear PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices)

What To Do After Jet Ski Accident In US?


Any accident is an unforeseen incident and can come as a shock to any individual. A sport like jet skiing is often played on vacations and an accident on a jet ski is not a suitable time for any vacation. Instead, it can lead to unwanted tensions, stress, and pain. Though the situation cannot be undone, one can make it less stressful if the below steps are followed.

#1 Call 911 and visit the doctor

Any person who has met with a Jet Ski accident must first call 911 which is an emergency medical number in the US and should see a doctor as soon as possible. If any first has to be done meanwhile, one must proceed with the first aid treatment to lessen the pain caused by it.

#2 Contact your lawyer or an attorney

Being in the US, it is a basic requirement to have a lawyer beside the individual’s bed if he/she has met with an accident. Lawyers can make the rest of the process of claiming insurance amount, protecting rights, and pressing charges against the other parties. 

If the Jet Ski accident is caused by any other party, you are entitled to be compensated. That is where your jet ski accident lawyer comes on to the scene.

#3 Contact your insurance company

Once you have undergone medical treatment, it is very important to register your claim with the insurance company at the earliest as possible. This can help the insurance company to process the claim as soon as possible.

#4 Documentation

Make sure to collect all the documents from the Jet Ski Company for any repairs and hospital. With this, all the bills can be submitted to the insurance company through your Jet Ski accident attorney for a speedy process of claim.

When To Hire Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney?


The answer to the question, of when to hire a Jet Ski accident attorney is – as soon as possible. When such fatalities happen to any individual, then at first he should make sure everyone around them including the affected person is well and if injured, gets medically treated.

After this has been taken care of, one must immediately call his/her Jet Ski accident attorney for further guidance and to stay within the statute of limitations. When an accident happens, it is very new to the person and may not know what should they do and how to overcome it as soon as possible.

What Does An Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney Do?


Only an experienced lawyer/attorney can help you come out of it by making the below process easier for you.

  • Protecting your rights 
  • Collecting documents and presenting them strongly in front of the insurance companies and fighting for the claim
  • Building a strong case against the law preparing evidence or proof for the faulty party and making sure that the compensation is received
  • Coordination with all the people such as hospital, court, insurance company, and the client.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Jet Ski Lawer/Attorney Cost?


When someone who is affected by the accident hires a lawyer or an attorney, he/she may not charge you upfront. Many lawyers work based on a contingency fee. A contingency fee is nothing but a lawyer charging the fee out of the settlement which their client has gotten from the court. 

Usually, these charges might be 33% of your total settlement or lesser than that. This also means that if the case fought has been lost, no fee shall be given to the lawyer. So, the fee has to be paid only if the lawyer fights for your case and wins and does not have to pay from your pocket.

Should I Hire A Jet Ski Accident Attorney For A Minor Accident?

There is no bar set to hiring a Jet Ski accident attorney and there are many small accidents that can lead to the biggest claims. No matter what and how big or small the accident is, it is better to hire a Jet Ski accident attorney immediately. 

There is no loss in hiring a jet ski accident lawyer for any accident caused. The lawyer does not charge you unless he wins the case.

Many accidents can seem like minor accidents but may lead to biggest claims than any other and to fight for it you need a strong and experienced lawyer who is ready to take any risk and go up to any level.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 How common are jet ski accidents?

The popularity of the sport among vacationers is growing high every day and it is very hard to ignore the Jet Ski accidents that are taking place every day. It is compulsory to send experienced drivers above 70 miles per hour and still, there are many accidents seen in the country.

#2 Can you get hurt while riding a jet ski?

The answer is a yes. Many types of accidents can take place while riding a jet ski such as fractures, friction burns, lacerations, whiplash, and so on.

#3 Is driving a jet ski drunk against the law?

Driving not only a jet ski but any vehicle is against the law and drink and driving especially while riding a jet ski can even lead to death cause of clouded judgment and sudden high-speed turns. 

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It is very hard to digest that one has gone through a Jet Ski accident and has to prepare him/herself carefully. Hope our article has helped you to choose your attorney and know the benefits of hiring a Jet Ski Accident Lawyer/Attorney.

It is better to be safe than sorry and similar to that it is better to have a lawyer by your side no matter what than to regret it later. Then what are you waiting for? Find your lawyer immediately.

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