Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

If you are in an accident, try to call an attorney, even though it is a minor one. Otherwise, you should know the difference between minor and major ones. If mental and physical injuries are severe and you should pay a massive amount as damages, it is series, and you can’t just drive away. There is no time to think, “should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident”?

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?


There is no need to hire an accident lawyer if it is a minor car accident such as:

  1. You smash the headlight of the car
  2. There was a minor collision
  3. Broken windshield
  4. A minor collision caused a dent along the side of the vehicle.

In simple terms, if you cause a minor scratch in the rearview mirror, you don’t need a lawyer for a minor accident. 

Major Vs. Minor Accident

A major accident is when your car suffers an injury like severe brain damage. It is irreparable, and you can claim damages to purchase a new one. A whiplash wouldn’t pose a death threat to you. Just like that, a minor scratch wouldn’t damage your car. Hiring a minor car accident lawyer would be uncalled for and wouldn’t help you penny-pinching.

You should understand an important point if the accident was due to the other party’s negligence, you may be able to make a claim. You can recover money for financial, emotional, and physical loss. Sometimes an injury might appear very small. However, sooner or later, it might turn out to be a severe injury.

When there is an accident, it is always advisable to consult a doctor to know the severity of the damage. Your lawyer will tell you if it is a life-altering event or a minor accident. He will fetch a perfect answer to your question, “Do I need a lawyer for a minor car accident?”

Examples of severe accidents


National highway traffic safety administration says three million people suffer havoc from an accident annually. Severity depends on the type of collision and damages caused as a result of the accident. They also depend on the following factors:

  • Whether the parties involved in the accident wearing seat belts
  • The seriousness of the collision
  • The head direction of the person behind the wheels
  • Speed of collision.
  • Were there airbags in the car involved in an accident, and did the occupants use them?

General car accident injuries


There are two types of injuries in general car accident injuries. The occupants of a car sustain impact injuries when the interior parts of their car are the reason for the accident injury. They are most likely to cause external wounds to the occupants. 

On the contrary, penetrating injuries cause a deep internal wound to the occupant. It causes open wounds and cuts due to breaking glass into tiny pieces. Some examples of car accident injuries are head injuries, chest injuries, soft tissue injuries, lacerations, or minor injuries.

Usually, people who suffer severe car accident injuries experience excruciating pain. Sometimes, tissue may lose sensing function, and in some other cases, the doctors may amputate limbs, arms, fingers, etc. Usually, arms and legs are amputated due to the impact of an accident because cars are made of glass and sharp metals. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What happens if you are involved in a minor car accident? 

If you are involved in a major car accident due to the other party’s negligence, you can claim damages from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

  • Is reporting the accident to your insurer necessary even if you don’t intend to claim damages? 

Yes. Your insurance company has to record even minor damage or accidents as per law.

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The severity of an accident decides the impact and damage as a result of an accident. The accident may look minor sometimes. But the impact may be evident after some days or even years. If you suffer damage due to another party’s negligence, consult a lawyer immediately. Never entertain doubts like, “Should I need an attorney for a minor car accident?”

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