How Much Does a CPS Lawyer Cost?

The Department of Family and protective services created child protective services (CPS) to provide safe childhood for US children. If any crime happens against a child, it is considered under CPS. If any person is arrested in such a case, the first question that comes in the mind is “how much does a cps lawyer cost?

We will discuss the answer to the question in this article along with some more details about CPS lawyer and their work. Let’s start with knowing about CPS Lawyer!! 

What is a CPS lawyer

Childhelp national child abuse hotline will rescue neglected or abused children, and anyone can report child abuse. When any such report is filed against you, you will need to hire a CPS lawyer to deal with it. 

Child protection law exists to protect abused children. However, sometimes misunderstandings may creep up, and the parents are left praying before the court that they didn’t maltreat the children. It is where a CPS lawyer steps in. 

How Much Does a CPS Lawyer Cost?


Each case is unique and determining a strict slab of CPS attorney cost is impossible. Circumstances that led to the CPS inspection would determine the exact cost of the case. Having understood what your attorney can do for you, let us discuss cps lawyer cost. 

Usually, a cps lawyer would charge around $500 to $1000. Most parents end up paying up to $5000. When your lawyer needs assistance from specialists to prove your case, it will cost you accordingly.

Factors that determine the cost of a CPS lawyer:


  • Disputed Vs. Undisputed cases

The complications and importance of the lawsuit determine the lawyer fees. If the matters in the lawsuit are unanimous, the CPS attorneys ask for a fixed rate. For example, both sides decide on parenting hours, distribution of property, etc it is an undisputed case. 

On the contrary, to initiate an argument in court, the lawyer’s office will ask for $1,500 as fees. The court spends more time on disputed cases, additional disposition, and mediation. Hence, the extra cost for such cases.

  • Trial cost

If the case goes to a trial, it will take more time as the lawyer considers more facts. It will take some time for him to familiarize himself with the case. An attorney spends hours on the case depending on the complexity and the issues the court considers. He needs to prepare the points raised by the opposite lawyer.

  • Hourly fees Vs. Fixed fees

When the lawyer can calculate the time he devotes to a case, he charges fixed fees. On the flip side, when the case is disputed and he is not sure how long the case will take to settle, he will charge hourly fees. 

If the parents can’t pay, the state will arrange payment for the child custody lawyer. The hourly cost can start from $175 to $200. Whereas a fixed charge can range between $500 and $5,000 depending on the complexity of the case.

How should I handle a CPS investigation? 

When your neighbor has wrongfully reported abusing your child, and a cps representative has visited your place after the report, handle him with the utmost care. When he requests access to your home, check whether he has a warrant signed by the judge to allow him to enter the premises. 

If he enters your premises without any legal warrant, you can challenge his actions in court through a trusted and efficient child protection service lawyer. Child welfare cases are between parents and the child protective agency that suspects ill-treatment by parents. Such issues can be challenging and emotionally draining experiences.

Both parents and the state have the children’s best interests in mind. You want to hold your family together, and the state wants to give a safe environment for your children. When you undergo such a depressing experience, a child protective service lawyer can help you. 

How does a CPS help parents?

When you hire a lawyer to help you, he can be an attorney or legal representative who assists you throughout the case. He has the right to fight for you to keep your family intact. They upkeep justice by helping parents whose rights are violated.

Your attorney will help you know the progress of the case. He will be able to obtain copies of the documents related to the lawsuit, which the parents won’t get initially. 

The attorney can clearly explain the case progress and what to expect at every lawsuit stage. The parents get an opportunity to educate themselves about the law process and efficiently proceed with the case.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Can I save money in child custody cases? 

If you can prevent your attorney from concentrating on petty issues, you can save some money.

  • How to hire a child custody lawyer?

You have to consider your capacity to pay your lawyer, research the success stories of your lawyer, check customer testimonials, seek answers to questions related to your case, and get a price quote.

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A child custody lawyer helps parents get back their child’s custody when they are falsely accused of mistreating a child. If you ask how much does a cps lawyer cost, it can be roughly around $500 to $5,000.

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