How long does a prenup last?

Are you going to get married soon and worried about the provisions of prenups? If you have doubts like “how long does a prenup last?”, read this write-up to clear your doubts. A Prenup is a very advanced concept that explains how the couple can divide the assets in case of dissolution of marriage.

How long does a prenup last?


In usual cases, the prenups last a lifetime. However, sometimes, it may have sunset clauses like prenups that are applicable in case the couple lives together for at least ten years. It also lays down rules that explain:

  • Separate property

The agreement states that the property the couple bought before the commencement of marriage is independent.

  • Disposal of assets:

The agreement lays down rules like properties that the couple can divide amongst themselves. It further lays down terms and conditions for sale if they decide to sell the property.

  • Alimony amount

The agreement also makes it clear regarding the alimony amount paid to the spouse or waiver on the dissolution of marriage.

The prenups don’t dictate who will have custody of their children. They don’t talk about the money to be given for child support. Only a court can decide such things. It is always advisable to speak to an advocate before getting into a prenuptial agreement or divorce in case you have entered into a prenup before marriage.

Such prenups can answer questions like do prenups expire to avoid confusion during the divorce. When one of the partners has immense wealth or was married once, or one is a businessman.

How long is a prenup good for?


Let us understand this with the example of a scenario. When a couple is unsure how long the marriage will last, the spouses can enter into a prenup to prevent divorce. If the prenuptial agreement states that the marriage lasts for more than 10 to 15 years, you can certainly ask How long the prenuptial agreement lasts?

Almost every US County has the same regulation regarding prenups as they have accepted the Uniform premarital agreement act. This act determines whether the prenups you have entered into are valid and dictates what can be included in the agreement and what is not. The parties can lay down any terms and conditions, though.

What are the legal requirements for a valid prenup?


  1. It should be in writing, and oral statements will not amount to a valid prenup.
  2. The parties to the agreement should have the mental capacity to understand what they are entering into and should sign the document.
  3. The parties entering the agreement should know what all assets the spouses own. 
  4. The parties to the agreement should get at least seven days to review the prenuptial agreement.
  5. The spouse signing the agreement should appoint a separate lawyer or have waived the rights expressly.

The couple should follow every rule before entering into a prenuptial agreement, failing which will make the agreement void or voidable. Even though the parties to the contract can include any terms in an agreement, it should be conscionable. If the terms and conditions are not conscionable, the judge would deem the contract void and unenforceable.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is the prenup valid for a lifetime? 

Yes, unless there is a condition that the prenuptial agreement is valid if the couple lives together for 10 or 15 years.

When does a prenuptial agreement invalid? 

If one of the spouses hides the truth, cheats, or makes promises that can’t be honored, it is a void contract.

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A prenup is an agreement that dictates the division of assets in case the parties decide to separate. If you have doubts about how long the prenup last, it is for a lifetime unless no condition makes it invalid before the time. The agreement should be legally acceptable even though the parties are free to include any clause. 

The parties should enter into prenup after understanding every clause of the agreement. If the party to the contract signed it out of pressure or force, the agreement is invalid. 

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