How To Cancel Sim Under My Iqama?

How To Cancel Sim Under My Iqama: We all know that iqama is one of the most serene ways through which anyone can live their life to the fullest. It is the most important and necessary document that has to be present with every individual, no matter who you are. Unlike others, iqama has to be renewed after some time to ensure the stay in Saudi Arabia and enjoy its benefits.

Iqama is just like a pass to enter and exit the country of Saudi Arabia and everything inside the country is linked through it. The entire process from buying a house to buying a sim has to be carried out through an Iqama card. Being one of the most important IDs in Saudi Arabia, many people don’t know many things about it.

We know that buying a sim can only happen if one has an Iqama. At the same time, many people are unaware of how to cancel the sim under Iqama. However, don’t worry we are here to help you out. In this article, we shall see the steps on how to cancel sim under my iqama

Before we move on to know how to cancel sim on my iqama, let us first deeply understand what iqama is and its uses.

All about Iqama

Iqama is an official identification document in Saudi Arabia that has to be procured by every foreigner who has to work or has been working in Saudi Arabia. Any employer can hire an employee if he/she has an iqama ID through which they can trust you to provide a job. The employer does not have any right to hire a random person who does not have Iqama. If doing so, the person might face some serious fines.

It serves you both as a resident and a work permit in Saudi Arabia and one must always carry it, no matter what is the scene. Every detail of an individual is provided on the card from name to his/her type of occupation. This iqama has to be renewed every once in a while and to renew a certain amount must be paid to the Saudi Arabian government to get us permission to work in Saudi Arabia.

If not renewed, they are fined for the first time and are banned from Saudi Arabia the second time. Before leaving for Saudi Arabia, one must apply for iqama which might take two to three weeks to be permitted. There are several statues one has to give his attention which are indicated in different colors.

How to Cancel Sim Under my Iqama?


Wasn’t that fun to know all the details about iqama? Yes? Okay!! Now let us come to the main topic on how to cancel sim under my iqama. 

There are several communication companies in Saudi Arabia. One might also get the questions such as how to cancel stc sim on my iqama or how to cancel Lebara sim on my iqama and so on. 

The below-mentioned steps are the one-point solution for all the questions. Hope you will get benefited from it.

Cancellation process by visiting the officehow-to-cancel-stc-sim

A sim that has been registered under your name with the help of Iqama ID, can be canceled by visiting the nearest office of your respective sim. After visiting your mobile service provider office, one must carry their iqama ID for verification purposes, to know whether the sim belongs to the owner or not. After the process is completed, verification deactivation of the sim is successful. 

Canceling the sim card by calling the helpline


There are different helpline numbers for each of the network service providers and each of the information is mentioned below.

  • STC – 900 or 011-455-5555
  • Lebara – 1755 or 057-6001755
  • Mobile – 1100 or 0560101100
  • Zain – 959 or 059-0000959
  • Friends – 166000 or 057-1166000
  • Virgin Mobile – 1789

If any individual is using Mobily as their service provider, he/she can use the below-mentioned steps to cancel their sim under Iqama.

How to cancel Mobily sim on my iqama?

  • Call Mobily helpline number 1100
  • Press 9 for complaints
  • Then press 1 for new compliance
  • Then for compliance on voice service press 1
  • Finally, press 4 to submit ownership compliantly

One can also register their complaints through CITC  by logging into their website.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1 Can I cancel a sim card?

Yes, you can easily cancel your sim card registered under iqama by either visiting a nearby service provider office and canceling the sim card or by visiting the CITC portal and raising a complaint. One of the easiest ways to cancel a sim card is by contacting the respective service provider’s helpline.

#2 Should I carry Iqama to cancel my sim?

Yes, one can cancel the sim by visiting the nearest service provider office and can cancel their sim. Iqama has to be carried as it is asked for the verification purpose of the sim, to know that the proper owner of the sim.

#3 How to cancel Lebara’s sim card under iqama?

To cancel a Lebara sim card which is registered under iqama, one can go to the nearest Lebara store and apply for cancellation which is done in a very short period. The second method is through the Lebara helpline 1755 or 057-6001755.

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It is very easy to cancel a sim card that is registered under iqama if one follows the steps mentioned in this article. We hope that our small research on how to cancel sim under my Iqama has been helpful to our readers. There is more than one method to choose and you can opt for the easiest one. 

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