Maktab Amal Complete Guide(Fees, Procedure, & More)

In this era of the 21st century, everyone wishes to grow above the set limit and there are many countries in the world that encourage such growth and goals and Saudi Arabia is one of them. There is no second thought that Saudi Arabia has been making people’s lives easier and easier for all the ex-pats that travel in search of jobs. However, many people who live in Saudi Arabia are not aware of how to check Maktab Amal fees or Maktab Amal iqama check online

Iqama has been one of the most beneficial documents for an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia from buying a house to getting a job. Knowing how to check Maktab Amal fees is one important piece of information for all the people and quite an important task too. If one does not pay Maktab Amal fees, he/she shall face some difficult situations from Saudi Arabian government.

Hence, to avoid such casualties, we have come up with a complete guide on Maktab Amal.

Maktab Amal Complete Guide


This article pertains to what is Maktab Amal, why is it important to pay, how to check Maktab Amal fees, Maktab Amal iqama check online, and so on. Then, what are we waiting for? Let us continue our reading and find out more about Maktab Amala’s fee.

What is Maktab Amal?

Many people from all over the world dream of working in Saudi Arabia and they are ready to go through any process. Anyone actually cannot enter the city of opportunities if they do not possess Maktab Amal. Before moving to Saudi Arabia one must apply before or at the time of entering SA. 

Maktab Amal is just like a pass to enter the country of Saudi Arabia which allows the person to reside in the city and enjoy benefits from the government. In simple words, Maktab Amal can be said to be a work permit from Saudi Arabia. A specified amount must be paid to obtain this permit to work in Saudi Arabia which is SR 800 per month. 

Why Maktab Amal is important?

Maktab Amal (labor office) has the authority to provide work permits to all foreigners who come for a job. It also handles expatriate workers working in different companies or businesses in Saudi Arabia. Maktab Amal’s main aim is to protect employee and employer rights, handle complaints, and set rules and regulations which have to be followed mandatorily.

It allows people to work in Saudi Arabia as an employee of a company or to run a business and without a work permit, none shall be able to work in the city. To continue working, one must pay a specified amount of SR 800 per month to the labor office to renew the work permit.

Maktab Amal comes under the ministry of labor which is set for employees of Saudi Arabia.

How much is Maktab Amal’s fee?


A person has to pay for the work permit that is offered by the Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia. This permit comes at a price of SR 800 per month which is 9800 SR per year. This can be paid both online and offline to the labor office to renew your Maktab Amal. 

The companies that maintain a 50% Saudization level will get a discount on Maktab Amal fees which is SR 100. Also, note that industrial companies need to have to pay Maktab Amal fees.

How to pay Maktab Amal’s fee?


Any person who wants to renew their Maktab Amal can easily pay the fee through online portals or banks. Come on let us see how it’s done.

Payment through Al Rajhi bank

  • To pay through Al Rajhi bank, one must have login credentials for his/her account before proceeding to the further steps.
  • One can download the application from the play store or Appstore if necessary.
  • After installation of the app, log in to your internet banking account Al Raghu bank.
  • After opening, you will be able to see three dots in the left upper corner of the screen. Click on it
  • In the options shown, select ‘Payments’
  • Press on the ‘one-time payment’ option
  • Under categories click on ‘Government services
  • In the government service drop-down, click ‘050 Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development
  • After selecting the option, it asks for the SADAD number. Kindly enter the same.
  • After entering all the correct details, a new screen will open where the website shall display what is the amount that one has to pay to get or renew Maktab Alam.
  • You can now pay the amount and renew your Maktab Amal.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Should I pay Maktab Amal’s fee if I m a domestic worker?

There are some job professions in Saudi Arabia where Maktab Amal need not have to be paid. There are exemptions for Maktab Amal if you are a non-Saudi government worker, a domestic worker, a Non-Saudi child of a Saudi father, a firm having less than five employees, and a non-Saudi child of a Saudi father or a mother.

#2 How much is Maktab Amal’s fee?

Maktab Amal’s fee as of 2021 is SR 800/- per month which is 9800/- SR per year. For industrial companies, no Maktab Amal fee shall be imposed, and a discount of SR 100 for those companies who maintain a 50% Saudization level.

#3 How to check Maktab Amal’s fee status?

One can easily check their Maktab Amal fee status by visiting the Ministry of Labor website, entering your Iqama number, and typing the captcha shown in the image box. On the next screen, you will be able to see the status of your fee.

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Knowing how to check the Maktab Amal fee or Maktab Amal Jeddah is a very important factor in Saudi Arabia. If this fee is not paid then one might lose their job or employment in the company. Hope, this article about Maktab Amal fees helped out readers understand the process more easily.

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