How To Change Iqama Profession?

Employment in Saudi Arabia is a dream for many individuals, who strive hard every day to get one. Saudi Arabia offers many job opportunities every year and millions of people apply and fulfill their dream of living in such a beautiful country. Profession change in Saudi Arabia is not at all a difficult task when you have an iqama registration. 

However, getting a job seems like an easier job in Saudi Arabia but preparing yourself with all the documentation to enter the city is where many people often find it hard to complete. Speaking about difficulties, how to check iqama profession change status, and how to change iqama profession are some to be named. Lack of knowledge about the iqama profession change can be really hard and can create difficulties in the future.

However, one need not worry. Though it is hard to learn, we have made it simpler and easier for you in this article. Here, we shall see a complete guide on how to change iqama profession step by step. We shall also see some other required information such as how to check Iqama profession change status. Then what are we waiting for? Let us quench our thirst for knowledge.

All about the iqama profession change.

What is the iqama profession?

Today millions of people all around the area are in Saudi Arabia working different jobs as they wish. All these ex-pats are entitled to carry their iqama once they are in Saudi Arabia which contains complete information about the owner of the Iqama ID. This information includes their name, date of birth, address, phone number, iqama number, job professions, and many more.

Job profession in this card depicts what type of profession he/she is doing in Saudi Arabia and based on the job what benefits they are entitled to. There are different job professions where the country shall offer you different types of benefits which can help you stay in Saudi Arabia for a longer period.

Importance of the iqama profession

Any employee who is working in Saudi Arabia must fill his job profession in iqama and keep updating when he/she changes their type of profession. It is very necessary as the government would provide you benefits as per your job profile. Some of the professions on your Iqama can get you a family visa where you can bring your family to Saudi Arabia.

There are many other benefits that are decided based on your job profession on your iqama such as driving license, permanent visa, permanent family visa, driving license for an automatic card, and so on. These types of benefits from iqama would make your stay in Saudi Arabia happy.

Till now, we saw a lot of information that we should also know about the iqama profession. Now, it is time to know about how to change the iqama profession which can be done in many ways.  Let us learn them one by one.

How to Change Iqama Profession Manually?


Many employees wish to change their iqama profession manually and we respect that. Below are the steps that one has to follow for the iqama profession to change manually.

Requirements – 

  • Collect a request letter from your employer stating to change the iqama profession in your iqama ID.
  • To change the profession, get the form and fill it out.
  • A photocopy of iqama ID 
  • A copy of your commercial registration
  • A letter stating the reason for not being able to change your iqama profession through the portal.
  • Sponsor ID

The GRO of your company shall provide all these documents to the labor office where the labor office shall go through every document carefully. If the documents are perfect and up to the mark, the GRO of your company shall receive an SMS to proceed with the modifications. This has to be done on the iqama ID. After the process, one must pay the said fee to the labor office for the service. 

This allows the employer to change the iqama profession of the employee without any difficulties.

How to Change Iqama Profession Online?

You can change Iqama profession online. For this, there are some requirements that are listed below. 


  • The employee must be residing in Saudi Arabia
  • The supporting document such as a degree certificate matching the iqama profession
  • The fee to change iqama profession, the sum of SR 1000
  • Certification of passing – Saudi professional verification exam
  • Registration with any of the below respective professional bodies
    • The Saudi council of engineers
    • SOCPA registration for accountants and auditors
    • Marmaris plus registration for health practitioners
    • Ministry of Agriculture registration for veterinary professionals.
  • The current status of the worker must not show as pending service transfer
  • Registration of both the professional bodies is required

The Iqama profession change process shall start with the employer requesting for the change in the profession with the labor office by contacting them and asking to create a request to change the profession.

Step 1 – 

  • After the request is created log into the Qiwa platform choose the occupation, change service.
  • Select the worker and the occupation you want to change.
  • Fill in the details of the employee and apply for a change of profession request.
  • Now the status shall be – pending employee approval

Now, in the next process, the employee must approve the status by following the below steps.

Step 2 –

  • Register yourself with the Qiwa platform and login into your account.
  • Now, scroll down and click on the change occupation option.
  • Click on accept request to proceed further with the process.

Step 3 –

Finally, it’s time for the MOL to approve the request made by you and your employer. One can track the status of the iqama profession change through Qiwa or MOL website easily.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1 Why change the iqama profession?

It is very necessary to update the iqama profession in iqama ID as it helps the government to provide you with the facility based on your job occupation. Many job occupations have their benefits in Saudi Arabia and hence, it is decided based on the job profession selected during the update of iqama.

#2 How to change the iqama profession online?

It is a very easy and simple method to change the iqama profession online by visiting the Qiwa website. The change is done by your employer after placing the profession change request with the labor office online.

#3 How long does it take to take the iqama profession online?

Updating the iqama profession or changing the iqama profession does not need much time if all the documents are up to date. As everything is done online, one can easily see his/her iqama profession status within two to three working days.

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Iqama profession change is very important for any individual if he/she wants to continue their stay in Saudi Arabia. Hence, knowing the process of how to change iqama profession shall make it easier for them to carry out the changes with no difficulties. Hope this article helps our readers to change their professional status today.

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