How To Register Mobile Number In Iqama?

Iqama is one of the necessary documents for an expat living in Saudi Arabia. It is a unique document that is used for all purposes from purchasing a house in the town to buying a sim card for mobile. There are several things that one has to focus on during the stay in Saudi Arabia and one of them is knowing how to check mobile number register in my iqama.

Knowing how to register mobile number in iqama can help us a lot in many ways. Such as knowing when the expiry date of iqama is or receiving updated information on residential permits, and so on. There are several solutions to the question of how can I register my mobile number in iqama.

Several necessary jobs are very important once you are in Saudi Arabia. However, registering your mobile number is one of the most essential ones. Though there are millions of people using sim cards day and night, many of us do not know how to know registered mobile number in iqama.

To educate our readers, we have come up with an article showing you the easiest way to register a mobile number with iqama at the earliest possible. Let us not waste time anymore. Come on then let’s begin.

Why register a mobile number with iqama?


Many companies offer telecommunication services in Saudi Arabia and every company is the best in its way. If someone never individually bought any of the sims, the first job is to register their mobile number with iqama. This helps us to keep track of how many sim cards a person owns. Also, it helps to eliminate the chances of misusing sim cards by others.

Registering the mobile number in iqama can also benefit us as it displays the information of iqama expiry date or fines or violations that have been caused by us through SMS. This can be the only way and the fastest way to get to know the fines that have occurred in your name. If not, one should go to their respective websites and check every piece of information which can be quite a difficult task.

How to register mobile number in iqama?


Registering a mobile number in iqama is a very easy job and can be done by just contacting your service provider. Yes, you heard it right. Visit your nearest service provider office which can be an STC office, Mobily office or Lebara, and many others. Several companies provide the service and any service provider’s mobile number can be registered with iqama.

After visiting the store, you will have to provide them with some personal information that may include your full name, date of birth, address, iqama number, and so on with your iqama ID. After all the information is entered into the website, your mobile number is successfully registered with iqama. 

This allows you to enjoy all the services that have to be offered by the company and iqama can be enjoyed by you.

How to check the mobile number registered in my iqama?


Though many people register their mobile number in iqama while buying a sim card from any service provider but are not aware of how to know the registered mobile number in iqama. Don’t worry we got you covered. Below are the steps for the same. Let’s keep reading.

To know your registered mobile number, please visit the CITC website After entering the website, scroll down and there you can see two empty blocks in which you have to fill in your info.

First, kindly fill in your iqama number and your date of birth by selecting the date month, and year from the calendar shown on the website. Now, as we are looking for the registered mobile number kindly check the box “I do not have a mobile number” option.

After entering all the information, enter the image code and click on the search option. This will allow us to view the registered mobile numbers that are registered under iqama.

One can also check the mobile number by dialing the below-said numbers.

  • If you are a Sawa or an STC user, send an SMS by typing the number 9988 to 900
  • Send a blank SMS to 700123, if you are a Zain customer
  • If you are a Mobily customer, send an empty SMS to 616166
  • If you are a Virgin Mobile customer, send a blank message to 309985
  • If you Lebara user, you need to write a SMS with the text ‘ID’ and then, send it to 1755

There are several methods to know your registered mobile number and the above-mentioned are some of the easiest and best ways. 

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 How to update mobile number in iqama?

The process of updating a mobile number with iqama is very much similar to registering a new mobile number. The process of visiting the nearest service provider store to update the mobile number is the most suitable and fastest method when compared to others.

#2 How to check how many numbers are registered in iqama?

There can be more than one number that is registered in your iqama and to find that one has to visit where the entire information about how many numbers are registered can be easily seen.

#3 Is it necessary to update mobile numbers with iqama?

That is a very important question and the answer is yes, one must have to register any mobile number with iqama. There are many facilities of an iqama and hence registration of a mobile number can help you to avail it easily.

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Looking at the amount of information that can be learned on how to register mobile number in iqama is quite exciting. A very easy yet important task every member of Saudi Arabia has to take care of. Knowing how can I register my mobile number in iqama and how to know registered mobile number in iqama helps not only to keep track of your sim cards but also to know information on your iqama through messages received.

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