How to Check Iqama Red Green Color Status Online?

Are you wondering about how to check iqama red green status? If yes then this article is the right place for you.

Steps to Check Iqama Red Green Colour Status:


You need to first log in to the official website, the Ministry of Labor-Saudi. 

  • You need to enter your passport number, iqama number, and border number.
  • Select your Nationality.
  • Also, you have to provide the verification code as shown in the image. 
  • Click on Green Search Button on the website.
  • It will display the color status of your Iqama in Arabic.

The website will display the colour of your iqama red, green, and yellow. If your iqama colour is green, you don’t need to worry about your job safety as it shows that more Saudi nationals are employed in the company. The nitqat rate in a yellow-tag company is not so attractive, but you can request your employer to employ more Saudi nationals to improve the status.

Nitaqat Program

Saudi has a Nitaqat program that regulates the employment of ex-pats in their companies. This program makes it mandatory for employers to employ a certain percentage of Saudi citizens and provides various privileges.

The Saudi labour ministry introduced the Nitaqat system to provide special rights to their nationalities vis ex-pats. The employees can check their companies’ iqama red-green status online.

This program categorises private companies into red, green, yellow, and white categories. The platinum and green categories imply that there are more Saudi nationals compared to red and white tags. The first two tags have 40% and 12%, respectively. The red tag companies have up to 7% Saudi nationals, whereas white tag companies don’t have any Saudi citizens.

Nitaqat of Platinum companies:

  1. Kafeel or the employers can process the visa of ex-pat employees faster than in any other category company.
  2. At their free will, the employees can assign their sponsorship to anyone.
  3. The employers, at the same time, can transfer the sponsorship within two years.
  4. If the company license expires, they get a grace period of one whole year to renew.
  5. These companies have the privilege of altering the professions of their employees.

Nitaqat of Green companies:

  1. Green tag companies can issue visas for new ex-pat employees once in two months.
  2. When an employer transfers an employee from the yellow or red category, he can hire a new person.
  3. A grace period of 6 months is available for these companies when the company license expires.
  4. If an employee’s visa is about to expire, they can renew it within 3 months before expiry.

Nitaqat of Red companies:

  1. They have no permission to open new branches.
  2. Red companies are prevented from issuing new visas to employ new employees.
  3. Expired iqama of their employees remains unchanged as they can’t renew them.
  4. They can’t alter the profession of their employees.

Nitaqat of the Yellow company:

  1. Other sponsors can hand over their visas to yellow tag companies to employ new employees.
  2. If two of their ex-pat employees resign, they can employ only one to replace them.
  3. If employees get an offer from a high-category company, they can’t prevent them from leaving the company.

The white category companies have all foreign nationals and only one Saudi national who sponsors the company.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the meaning of red iqama?

If the employer is found in the category of Red of Nitaqat, it means that the employee of the company cannot get a new visa for the foreigners to hire them in his company. The employer will not be able to transfer sponsorships from other companies. If you found yourselves in one of such companies, then it’s better to change the company as soon as possible.

2. How to check the iqama color of the company?

The employee can find out the Nitaqat color or the iqama color status of the company through the websites Ministry of laborers which is The color of the company is divided into six which are red, high green, yellow, low green, medium green, and platinum. Through this, any individual can also check the detailed information of the employer easily.

3. What does the color Green in Nitaqat represent?

The color status of the employer is very important and every employee has to go through it before joining any company in Saudi Arabia. Green Nitaqat means that the employer is following all the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia and is eligible to acquire more foreign employees for his company without any difficulties. 

4. what is the meaning of green high status in Iqama?

Let us understand the purpose or aim of these Iqama pigments created by Saudi Arabia to increase job opportunities in the country. A company which indicated in the color High green means that it has a high Saudization rate and is also capable of hiring red category employees without the permission of Kafeel.

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The Nitaqat system is a scheme the Saudi government introduced to employ more and more Saudi citizens compared to foreign nationals. The main aim of the government is to reduce the unemployment rate in Saudi, improve the strength of women’s workforce and reduce the domination of key positions by ex-pats. 

This system also aims to reduce the discrepancy between the qualification and the job opportunities available to the locals. It makes it mandatory for companies with more than 9 employees to put on the payroll a minimum number of Saudi nationals. You can check your company’s iqama red- green status on the official website of the ministry of labour, Saudi.

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