How To Check Iqama Transfer Status?

Check Iqama Transfer Status: As many are not aware and search for how I check iqama transfer status, we have listed some of the instructions ones can follow to obtain the status of their iqama transfer. Then, what are we waiting for!! Let’s see how it’s done.

To be or to work in Saudi Arabia, any person from another country must have Iqama, one of the country’s basic documents. This unique 10-digit number can make your life easier in Saudi Arabia by being the support document for everything you do or purchase in the country. As this is quite an important aspect to live in Saudi Arabia, it has to be carefully treated without misusing it.

Iqama is issued by the ministry of foreign affairs as a work permit to live in Saudi Arabia. Iqama has to be renewed every year without fail. If not, then the bearer has to pay a fine while renewing the same. 

However, while the person working in a company wishes to change and move to another company, then he/she must apply for transfer of iqama as the sponsor is not the same when you change the job. 

Though the employees apply for a transfer of the iqama from one sponsor to another in the early stages of living in the present organization, it may take up to several weeks or even months to get it approved. Hence one needs to constantly check iqama transfer status online to know what is the present situation.

How to Check Iqama Transfer Status?


  •  To check the iqama transfer status of an employee, one must visit which is a mol gov sa iqama transfer status website. Click on the same to visit the website where one can know his/her iqama status.
  • Once you enter the website you have to scroll down to enter the information.
  • Select the service type as carrier change service and enter the iqama number in the below given filed.
  • Enter the code as shown in the image for verification purposes.
  • Finally, click on the search button.

After the search of the result, if the message appeared on the screen “No request for iqama transfer”, then there was no request was placed to the labor office for transferring the employee iqama.

If the message is shown as an understudy, then it means that the request has been generated by your new employer but the request has not been approved by the present employer. The request generated is only valid for 90 days.

If the status is shown as approved by the HRSD but pending with the ministry of the Interior, then there are two chances why this message is shown.

  • Because the employee has not paid the fee of the sponsorship transfer.
  • The new employer might have to visit the Jawazat for further process 

If the status is shown as approved, then the transfer of the iqama from your previous employer to the new employer has been successfully carried out. 

The information of the new employer can be seen with full details and the employee name, photo, Id, and other important information on the website itself so that you can make sure all the information is updated correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to check the Iqama transfer status?

Log into There is only an Arabic version of the website. Enter the Iqama number and the display code on the website. It will display whether you can transfer or not transfer your Iqama.

2. How long does it take to transfer Iqama?

You need to apply to the ministry of labour, KSA. They will consider your application within 24 hours. You don’t have to seek permission from your previous employer. You need to pay a transfer fee to MOL for transferring your iqama.

3. Is every Iqama transferable?

It depends on the iqama your current employer issues. If he issues a non-transferable iqama, you can’t get any employment in Saudi other than the one you are employed with.

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Until now we saw different types of status and methods to check naqal kafala status. This is very important for an employee working in Saudi Arabia as his work-life depends on it. 

If such requests are not processed for a long time and the employee is not aware of such incidents, then there might be some severe actions taken against the employee by the labor laws. Hope this article helps those people who need such information.

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