How To Check Iqama Huroob Status Online?(3 Steps)

Check Iqama Huroob Status: From a desert barren land to one of the most developed countries Saudi Arabia has fascinated the world in its own unique way. People often see Saudi Arabia as the land of opportunity as they provide huge trade and job opportunities by welcoming the outside world wholeheartedly. Compared to other countries Saudi Arabia has been one of the most visited places on earth.

People from other countries love to work in Saudi Arabia and hence 38.4 percent of the country is filled with foreigners who are there for a job.

As more people are working there are chances of Huroob and the employers have to be careful about the same. If such cases are not brought to the notice of the government or the authorized party, then severe actions are taken against the employer.

Thus, every employer has to inform the labor laws of an absconding employee, but many employers are unaware of how to do it. Not knowing the proper method how to checking iqama Huroob status online can be difficult. 

Hence, to help them out, we have prepared an article on how to check iqama Huroob KSA through websites. Then why stop? Let’s keep reading and address the question of how to check Huroob Saudi Arabia.

Before proceeding further, let us first understand what is Huroob and its consequences. Huroob is the word for the person who has escaped or absconded during his span or while working in an organization. 

Steps on How to Check Iqama Huroob Status?


  • Visit the website
  • The site will be in the Arabic language by default but one can change the setting to English if needed.
  • Enter your Iqama number in the required field and submit it.
  • The website should then display your Iqama Huroob status.
  • If there are any Huroob under the mentioned member iqama number, then the name and date appear on the screen with detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Huroob?

By reporting the employer clearly states that he/she is not responsible for the missing person. This type of activity is against the labour laws of Saudi Arabia and is considered a Huroob check on iqama as this has to be brought under the notice of the particular council.

If any such cases are confirmed as Huroob on Iqama, then the local police will start a search unless he/she is caught by the police. Such persons are fined and can result in a ban from Saudi Arabia for more than 5 years. 

2. What to do if you are Huroob?

If a person is found to be Huroob then he/she can do 3 things

  • Ask the employer to invalidate the runaway status
  • Register a complaint against the Huro4ob in labor court
  • Surrender to Jawazat

3. How can I check my Iqama Huroob in English?

Once you open the website of the Huroob on iqama you will find the option to select the language at the top or the bottom corner of your screen. One can select to change the language and then proceed further.

4. How can I remove Huroob without a feel?

Only a new employer can remove the Huroob on an employee by meeting any of the 4 conditions mentioned below

  • The company doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The company has not registered 75% of the employees in GOSI and the employer is in the Red Nitaqat category.
  • Late salary or pays salary to less than 80% of the employees or delays salary.
  • While the facility still has the status “under process”

5. How much is the penalty for Huroob?

The penalty for Huroob can be up to SR 10,000/- and a ban for the next 5 years from Sudi Arabia.

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In Saudi Arabia, Huroob is a criminal offense and can lead to severe punishments and up to 10,000 SA money. To safeguard the employer from any of these difficulties, we have mentioned the steps to file a Huroob if necessary. Hope this article helps you with how to check iqama Huroob status and also on how to check the date of Huroob.

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