Why Would A District Attorney Be Looking For Me?

It is normal these days that anyone can get a call from authorities regarding related to any case issues anytime which might involve you or just as a witness of the incident. We as responsible citizens must be ready to cooperate and answer all the questions. While all these are happening one question which comes to our mind is why would a district attorney be looking for me?

Unless the evidence is strong and satisfied the attorneys keep digging into the case. Whenever it is a district attorney over the phone we have often wondered why would the district attorney call me or what is the role of a district attorney and many other questions. Even though there is a question that arises people may not be able to find the answer to it easily on the web. 

In this article, we shall see what does a district attorney do and also the reason why a district attorney is looking for me in detail. Then, what are we waiting for? Come on, read ahead and allow us to educate you with our knowledge.

What is a district attorney?

As the name itself indicates that a district attorney is the head of the district in criminal offenses. He represents the state government in court and has the power of enforcing laws and legal officers over the state authority. 

These district attorneys can be appointed by the court or can be elected by the people. They also have the power to choose what charges have to be filed against the individual who is accused of a criminal offense.

Why would a district attorney be looking for me?


Commonly, a district attorney can fulfill the legal requirements of any case by contacting any individual over a call. There are numerous reasons why a district attorney might look for you and some of them are listed below, check them out for more information.

#1 Collecting information/evidence

When a case is in process, the law enforcement team collects all the data that is required to proceed with the hearings. However, in some cases, the involvement of district attorneys is very essential. 

One may not wait for the team to call someone but the attorney himself/herself might pick up the phone and dial. This may be regarding collecting information or evidence over a call or just confirming your involvement in the case.

#2 Criminal charges

Getting a call from the district attorney sometimes is a boon for the victims as they might be calling you to inform you that there are charges which are about to file against you. This will allow us to get a lawyer on our side to fight against the case or even settle the case at the earliest possible. 

#3 Notifying the victim

Sometimes people might not know that they are the victims in property cases and the district attorney might call you to inform them of that. They might also call you to confirm the appearance in the hearing of the court which may or may not be mandatory to call.

Frequently Asked Questions?


#1 How powerful is a district attorney?

When a person is involved in a criminal offense, district attorneys have the power to choose the charges that have to be filed against the criminal. At the same time, district attorneys can also dismiss the case when they have found no evidence of the crime or convert that to any type of case if necessary.

#2 What is the role of the district attorney?

The role of the district attorney is to represent the state in criminal offensive crimes by prosecuting the cases. The district attorney also works with law enforcement and presents cases to a grand jury for further processing and decides whether file a charge against the person or not.

#3 Is the district attorney also a prosecutor?

Yes, district attorneys can also be referred to as prosecutors and states attorney. This district attorney can prosecute those persons who have been arrested by the police and have the power to divert the case to any type or even dismiss the case.

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Wrap up


A district attorney’s office can give you both good and bad news and one can only know this when he/she gets a call from the district attorney. So, next time when your phone rings, hope you remember the answer to your question why would a district attorney be calling me?

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