How to Check Emirates ID Fine in 2 Steps?

UAE (United Arab Emirates), who hasn’t heard the name of this country that has been mesmerizing the world with its innovative creations? 

We all have seen how this country grew from nothing to everything that is today within a very short period. This was only possible because of the rules that have been protecting beauty for decades. Now, it is necessary to know Emirates ID fine check, if anyone violates any rules that are set by the nation.

When such creations have to be preserved for a long time, some strict rules and regulations have to be implemented in the country to protect these creations. It has developed many infrastructures to help its citizens in every way possible. Through its beautiful monuments, the world’s tallest building, and complex structures, it has never failed to attract people all around the globe. 

Hence, many regulations have been implemented in UAE which one has to follow no matter what the circumstances. To provide citizens with government benefits, the UAE has provided IDs to every citizen to keep them on track. This ID is one of the most important documents and the only way to know the Emirates ID fine check.

However, when such rules are implicated there are chances where one might go wrong. If so, he/she must know the Emirates ID fine check in UAE. It is very important to know the Emirates ID fine check and how this is done or how to clear your fines at the earliest possible. 

Hence, to make this interesting and to educate our readers, we have brought you an article where we shall explain every aspect which one must know compulsory. Then, why wait? Let us get going.

Emirates ID Fine Check – Complete Guide


How to check Emirates ID fine?


There are different fines for different violations and one must be able to pay the exact amount for that particular violation. This is possible in many ways and one of them is online. However, before this, anyone needs to know how to check Emirates ID fine

There are several ways where one can go wrong in following the rules and the person must be able to see where he/she went wrong and what is the fine that has to be paid for the conviction caused. This is only possible by knowing how to check individual fine on Emirates ID

Hence, below are some of the steps that have to be followed to know the Emirates ID fine check Abu Dhabi. Are you hungry for knowledge? Then stay tuned!!

The person residing in UAE can check their fines through online police portals that are available 24/7.

Step 1 – Visit the Abu Dhabi police website, which is 

Login with UAE Pass.

Step 2 – One can search for their fines based on four things.

  • Inquiry by traffic no.
  • Inquiry by Emirates ID for individual fines
  • Inquiry by license plate
  • Inquiry by driving license

Select any one of these as comfortable for you. We are considering the selection of Emirates ID.

Step 3 – After selecting, enter the Emirates ID number.

Step 4 – In the next option, type the image captcha as shown in the picture box.

Step 5 – Then, click on submit.

This process shall display all the fines that are registered under your Emirates ID and also the violations that are caused by the owner.

Photo Credits: UAE Labour

We hope that now our readers know how to check Emirates ID fine without any difficulties.

How to pay an Emirates ID fine?


It is very safe to pay any pending fines before the due date to avoid any extra fines for the violations. First, one must make sure why and for what they are getting fined. This can be done by knowing the UAE fine check Emirates ID and Abu dhabi police fine check by Emirates ID process.

Now, after knowing how much the fine is, the particular person can visit a nearby police station and pay his fine by providing his Emirates ID card or the number. Dubai police fine check Emirates ID is the easiest way to pay the fee. You must carry your own Emirates ID which is genuine. After paying the mentioned fine and dues, a receipt for the payment is generated that will guarantee your payment of the fine and proof of no pending fines.

Any individual can also pay the fine through online portals which are available 24/7. Every different fine has different websites to pay such as 

  • Traffic and driving license fines are paid through – the Ministry of Interior 
  • Pay your municipality fines through the website – TAMM

Also, You can download the Abudhabi Police App for making the payment.

The best way to pay any fine is to visit your nearest police station which will provide you with clarity about what you are paying and about the violation. 

What is Emirates ID?


Being a UAE citizen, it is compulsory to have and carry Emirates ID everywhere as identity proof. It is provided by the federal government of UAE to their citizens to provide benefits from the government. This helps the citizens, customs, and ports security ICP to identify themselves as citizens or people belonging to the country of UAE.

It is mandatory for all the people who live in the UAE to apply for one and provide genuine information to the government. It is also one of the important documents for an employee to work in the UAE and get a work permit.

What is Emirates ID fine?


There are both foreigners and residents living and working in the UAE. Both categories have to apply for Emirates ID to continue their jobs. There are many rules and regulations in the UAE and if one is unable to comply with the rules of the country, he/she is entitled to a penalty. This has to be paid to the government for not following the rules and this can only be done by knowing how to check the Emirates ID fine.

Emirates ID fine is nothing but a specified amount of money one has to pay for not complying with the rules situated by the government of UAE. The fines that are paid can be done online or via bank transfer. To do this, one has to know Emirates ID fine check Dubai process which will make it easier to pay. 

The fines for violating rules can vary from AED 100 to AED 10,000 and more. Many punishments are accompanying the fines if not followed regularly. 

Emirates ID fine checking online will help us to know whether we have to pay a fine, what is the amount of the fine, and what were the violations for which one has to pay the fine. Every detailed information shall be present in this in respect of fines and violations convicted by us.

What are the types of fines on Emirates ID?


UAE is one of the biggest countries that provides employment for the entire globe and has strict rules and regulations to carry on a smooth workflow inside the country. Since, any citizen can violate any type of rule, fines, and punishments for each violation may vary from one to another. Hence, there are several types of fines on Emirates ID that one must know.

Anyone can easily pay any type of fine if they can check the fine on Emirates ID. Types of fines are as follows.

#1 Breaking traffic rules 

It is one of the most common rules that is broken by every person knowingly or unknowingly. For example, passing a red light is a violation of the law and thus, there is a specific type of fine for breaking the law of traffic rules.

Some of the fines that are applicable under traffic rules are listed down here below for your further reference.

  • Driving a vehicle too fast lead us to a fine of AED 8000
  • Ignoring a red light – AED 1000
  • Without turning on LED at night and still driving can cause a fine of amount Sar AE – 500
  • Driving without a license – AED 500
  • Not carrying driving license – AE 400
  • Using mobile phones while driving – AED 800.

#2 COVID-19 Violations

The entire world was at a halt when COVID-19 disease struck the nation with its deadliest virus. There were many measures taken by the UAE government to overcome this disease and spread awareness about it. The government also made sure to add fines to the violations that were caused by the people to alert them about the seriousness of the disease.

  • Fine for violating medical measures and precautions set by the UAE Ministry of Health and prevention – AED 2,000
  • Fine for not appearing for medical tests – AED 5,000
  • Fine for conducting meetings and organizing public gatherings – AED 10,000

#3 Municipality Violations

UAE is one of the cleanest cities in the world and the nation doesn’t want to change its place in the list of cleanest cities. Hence, the country has introduced some strict rules for its citizens who are not ready to follow the regulations.

  • Throwing waste on the street or urinating may cost a fine of AED 500
  • Leakage of water from buildings, tanks, or pipes then he/she shall be fined AED 10000 for not addressing the issue.
  • Spitting gum in public places or on streets can cause a fine of AED 500

#4 Various Individual Violations

Both the tourists and citizens of the UAE have to follow and protect the rules and regulations set by the authority. There are individual violations that are fined to make them aware of the problem they are causing to the city and nature.

  • Eating and drinking on public transport such as trains, buses, or the metro can cause you a fine of AED 100
  • Swearing in public places is strictly prohibited and if done so, he/she shall face severe actions in front of the authorities. Fines are also applicable even if a person swears on social media which can cause a fee of up to AED 250,000
  • Capturing pictures of others without their permission is also against the rules of the UAE and can be a fine of up to 500,000 AED

#5 Late Emirates ID Registration

Emirates ID is the most important identity document that is required and a must-have document. Therefore, the registration of the ID must be completed within the said time or earlier. If this is not the case, they shall be charged an amount of up to 10,000 AED.

Tips to avoid Emirates fine


Till now, we saw how to check fines on Emirates ID and also got to know how to pay them at the earliest possible to avoid overdue. However, these processes can be avoided if we follow the rules perfectly and know how to avoid Emirates fines. Isn’t it good to save some of your money and time by not paying fines but to pay some attention while driving, in public areas, or while in parking lots?

This would help us to save a lot of money and keep us away from all the difficulties and black dots on our Emirates profile. Let’s see some of the tips for the same.

#1 Parking Area

It is common that in our lifetime at least once we have experienced traffic violations and had to pay a fine. Hence, to avoid this, one of the tops is to take a moment and look around and know the place for a minute. 

If you are in a place where hospitals are nearby or fire stations, you should carefully park your vehicles as there might be some emergency and the vehicle desires to park in the place your car is parked then it will cause you a huge fine.

#2 Noisy Vehicles

In UAE, it is prohibited to make sounds while riding vehicles that can harm others with their harsh sounds. If done so, the police might charge fines and punishments which can be up to AED 2000. Any driver cannot modify his/her car which can disturb the peace of society.

To avoid this, one can try to go the extra mile and instead of honking in front of the gate to call someone from the house. It’s better to give them a call and ask them to come out. This will not disturb the neighbors and may not lead to any violations. 

#3 Over Speeding

It is often observed that many people are getting fined because of over speeding while driving on highways which can be very dangerous. There is a reason to mention the limit of speed on each road so that no one should exceed the speed limit and it is mentioned for the safety of the drivers.

To avoid overspeeding, leave your home a bit earlier than your scheduled appointments so that you are not in a hurry to reach your destination. Make sure you remember all the speed limits on the road and try not to make any sudden overtakes which can put you and others in danger and if not violation of traffic rules.

#4 Some of the most forgetful behaviors

In day-to-day life, we tend to forget many rules and regulations while driving which can lead to violations of rules. Hence, keeping some of the rules and turning them into a habit can make your day a good one and you may end it without violating any rules.

  • Provide a safe distance between the cars which can save you an amount of AED 400
  • Always carrying your license with you may help you save AED 500
  • Always service your vehicles and change your tires which will help you and other drivers save AED 500
  • Protect yourselves and your loved ones by wearing a seat belt until you are in the car and get 400 AED saved in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions 


#1 How to remove the Emirates ID fine?

One can easily remove his/her emirate ID fine if they have enough paperwork to support the fine exemption. If it is ready, download the ICAUAE application on your Smartphone and after you log in, click on ‘Public service’. Then, choose the application for exemption of delay fees. This will display if you are eligible for exemption or not

#2 How much is the fine for Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is one of the most important identity cards for every resident in UAE and if lost then one must have to pay 300 AED for a replacement or lost. If Emirates ID is not renewed by the due date then DH 20 per day until 1000 DH. After that, the punishment for not renewing the Emirates ID shall increase seriously.

#3 Where to pay Emirates ID Fine?

Paying Emirates ID fines is easy and super fast these days. Visit your nearby police station and submit your Emirates ID for the ID number and ask for the pending fine that has to be paid. Then, pay the mentioned amount including any late payment fee. Then collect your payment receipt which is proof of your payment.

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How can I check my Emirates ID fine is one of the common questions that arise in the minds of the citizens of UAE and we hope that we have brought that thought to rest by providing a complete guide on Emirates ID fine check. Hope our readers will benefit from our small research and hard work. 

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